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CBD and coffee, how does that even work? Well, we can assure you that it works perfectly fine! If you love to start your day with a nice kick to every one of your senses then CBD coffee is what you need. 

Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect to find in CBD Living instant coffee!

The Guru’s Guide | CBD Living Instant Coffee

Best Uses

  • Great way to get CBD to act in your system fast
  • Can be enjoyed anyway you like coffee, hot or iced

How to Use

  • Add one teaspoon of CBD Living instant coffee per 6 fl oz cup
  • Add hot water, cold water or milk
  • Add any sugar, milk, cream, or favorite add-ons and enjoy!


  • Proprietary broad spectrum nano hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Coconut cream powder
  • Columbian arabica coffee
  • Organic stone ground matcha
  • Coconut flower extract

Ask the Guru – Your Questions, Answered

Does CBD Coffee Work?

Seeing as how CBD affects all people differently, knowing if it will “work” is a difficult question. Taking the question broader, you can visit our how to use CBD section to learn more.

What Different Kinds of Coffee Are Available?

There are 3 different flavors of CBDLiving instant coffee. They are:

  • Black Coffee
  • Golden Milk
  • Matcha

All of these variations are filled with 250mg of Nano CBD, with 7mg per serving.

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