MLB Has Adopted An Offical CBD Supplier

It’s playoff time in the world of Major League Baseball. No better time for MLB to announce they have taken on an official CBD brand.

Charlotte’s Web has been one of the most trusted and well-established CBD brands in the world. Now it is also the officially recognized CBD brand of Major League Baseball.

MLB and Charlotte’s Web has recently signed a multi-year partnership through December 2025. This new alliance will have Charlotte’s Web supply its CBD products to professional baseball players.

The timing is spot on since Charlotte’s Web has recently launched a new product line called SPORT-Daily Edge. These new products are specifically designed and formulated to help athletes recover from the stress of playing sports. The new packaging will also feature the official MLB logo.

“We know that physical demands and strain on their body is no old-time problem. MLB players play 162 games a year, they have sleepless nights away from home in new time zones and we also know mental wellness is an entire worldwide crisis,” said Jared Stanley, co-founder and COO of Charlotte’s Web.

“For (MLB) to make a shift and recommend a natural product, we believe is not just a monumental and historical milestone for CW and the CBD industry, but for all professional sports,” he added.

CBD has been on the radar for almost ten years being talked about by advocates and manufacturers. In recent years it has started to accelerate in growth with estimated sales in 2021 somewhere around $4.7 billion.

Consumers can find CBD in places from convenience stores to online stores. CBD products come in oil and capsules but also things like gummies, sparkling water and even pet supplements.

CBD has grown in popularity because it has helped many people with things like anxiety, insomnia, and joint and muscle pain. 

Charlotte’s Web is a CBD company that is based out of Denver, Colorado. The company is actually named after a young girl, Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte Figi suffered from severe and frequent seizures due to Dravet syndrome from the time she was an infant. Dravet syndrome is a genetic disease that causes severe epilepsy in both children and adults. It is considered to be a rare and life-threatening disease.

When Charlotte was 5 her mother gave her CBD and her condition improved literally overnight. Sadly, Charlotte Figi died in April 2020, possibly from COVID.

What About Other Professional Sports

Seeing MLB adopt an official CBD sponsor is certainly a huge step for the CBD industry as a whole, let alone for Charlotte’s Web. What type of impact it may or may not have on other professional sports leagues remains to be seen.

Major League Baseball has certainly been more progressive in its stance on cannabis and CBD. For example, MLB removed marijuana from its list of banned substances in 2019. MLB players are not punished for testing positive for natural cannabinoids such as CBD or even THC.

As part of the agreement, you will start to see Charlotte’s Web being prominently displayed by Major League Baseball. MLB has agreed to give Charlotte’s Web premiere sponsor treatment and the brand will be visibly displayed at the World Series and All-Star week.

In return, Major League Baseball will receive a stake in the ownership of Charlotte’s Web which translates to 4% of outstanding common shares. They will also receive a portion of revenues and fees from the new Daily Edge products with the MLB logo on them.

The hope is that it will be profitable and beneficial for both parties going forward.



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