CanPay Is Now Widely Available in Florida

CBD in Florida

Recreational cannabis use is not permitted in Florida yet but there are still over 700,000 patients statewide who are qualified for medical marijuana use. CanPay is now being accepted for use at no less than 95% of Florida’s medical marijuana treatment centers, or MMTCs.

With Florida now fully adopting CanPay it’s a big deal not only for CanPay as a company but for the registered medical cannabis patients across the state as well. CanPay makes life easier for the 700,000 medical marijuana patients across the state now that close to 100% of patients have access to it.

In short, CanPay is a fully legitimate and legal payment network used by cannabis consumers and cannabis merchants. CanPay is the most well-known and largest payment network of its kind to date.

By using CanPay patients are able to download an app that is convenient and easy to use. This app allows medical marijuana patients in Florida to connect their bank accounts with app. The patients can then simply use the app to purchase cannabis at cannabis retailers across the state with a simple debit transaction

Dustin Eide, the CEO of CanPay, knows this is a big deal and recently touted the implementation of CanPay as well. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer all of Florida’s cannabis consumers fast, free and safer-than-cash transactions with CanPay,” said Dustin Eide, CEO of CanPay. “As one of the largest cannabis markets in the country, it’s always been a priority for us to offer our service to its more than 700,000 qualified patients.”

Even though recreational adult marijuana use is not legal in Florida there is still a large market for CanPay. Medical marijuana can be legally purchased in Florida at legally licensed MMTCs. Patients and caregivers who have an active Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card have access to these medical marijuana treatment centers across the state. 

CanPay has continued to grow and the demand seems to be growing for its services as well. CanPay is a proven leader for legitimate payments in the cannabis industry. In fact, in states where cannabis can be legally purchased, CanPay has helped facilitate more than $500 million in transactions to date. Keep in mind that these are fully legal and transparent transactions.

CanPay is being used in over 31 states so far. In all, there are more than 800 merchant locations nationwide using CanPay and it is also accepted by 10 of the top 13 public-company, multi-state operators.

While this doesn’t specifically address any type of recreational adult-use cannabis regulations it does help to pave the way for a very easy and smooth transition if and when Florida does decide to open up to adult-use cannabis.



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