Cannabis Consumption Lounges Still Not Permitted in Sacramento

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Sacramento has once again decided to drag its feet on allowing cannabis consumption lounges within the state capital even though they are actually legal within the state of California.

This week, a possible plan to begin allowing cannabis consumption lounges in Sacramento hit a roadblock. Jay Schenirer, the Chairman of the City Council Law and Legislation Committee, refused even to discuss a plan for the lounges. The possibility of opening up these lounges was supposed to be on the agenda but the chairman decided not to address the issue.

When asked more about cannabis consumption lounges by the Sacramento Bee he said “I personally have not heard and have not talked to a lot of council members about this, but have not seen a lot of desire to move this item at this point in Sacramento.”

This latest move against cannabis consumption lounges doesn’t necessarily mean that the issue is dead in Sacramento. In fact, Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela has already indicated that she intends to ask the entire city council to reconsider the issue of cannabis consumption lounges.

The full council has a scheduled meeting on May 24th. If the council were to agree to hold further discussions on the matter then it would be sent back to the Law and Legislation Committee and would then be discussed.

Councilwoman Valenzuela’s intent for the cannabis consumption lounges would be to allow customers to sample various product offerings from different retailers. This in turn would hopefully give a boost to the local dispensaries in Sacramento. In the end, if the plan succeeds it would drive more tax revenue for the City of Sacramento.

California has become more and more open to allowing cannabis use and consumption within the state. If the cannabis lounge idea does not go for further debate later in May at the city council meeting it is bound to come up again. It seems like it’s probably just a matter of time.

The State of California has already legalized cannabis consumption lounges at the state level. However, these lounges have not been implemented on a large scale up to this point in time. Right now there are only a small handful of these lounges up and running in the state. At the moment there are two such lounges in San Francisco and another one in West Hollywood.



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