Tennessee Considers a Ban on Most Delta-8 THC Products


Lawmakers in Nashville are debating a bill that could have major implications on the cannabis industry in the state of Tennessee.

Delta-8 THC has become a very popular product in Tennessee and around the country. The bill being debated by Tennessee lawmakers would make most of these Delta-8 products illegal in the state. This is obviously causing concern amongst many small business owners who are currently able to sell these types of products. 

Delta-8 THC has been a somewhat controversial and even misunderstood compound. It is a psychoactive component found in the cannabis plant and does have the ability to get you high similar to marijuana. Most people would say it’s a different feeling and not as powerful as marijuana. But the fact that it’s similar causes concern for many.

Currently, you can find Delta-8 THC being sold in a variety of products such as gummies and oils. Many people have grown accustomed to these products to help them with issues such as stress and anxiety.

State lawmakers are currently considering whether to redefine marijuana as part of the new bill. Marijuana is still illegal in Tennessee but the new definition of marijuana would also include all hemp products that contain THC concentrations of more than 0.3%. This new definition would then make most Delta-8 THC products illegal as well.

People from across the state are voicing their concerns about the new legislation warning that many businesses would be negatively impacted by the new legislation. Some business owners are going so far as to say that they would experience a 50% drop in sales, resulting in letting go of multiple employees.

Rep. William Lamberth is the sponsor of the new bill. According to him Delta-8 is highly dangerous and addictive and has gone completely unregulated. 

“This needs to be clear cut as to what is and is not legal and what exactly is on the shelves and quite frankly, we need to make sure this is absolutely not getting into the hands of children,” said Lamberth. “Because right now they sell it in gummy bears and a child is not going to be able to tell the difference in a gummy bear and neither is an adult.”

The new bill has made it past the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee and will move on to the full House Criminal Justice Committee. The Senate version has also advanced past the Senate Judiciary Committee.



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