Indiana Lawmakers Pre-File Marijuana Regulation and Legalization Bills for 2022

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  • The pre-filed legislation appears to cover a wide range of marijuana issues.
  • They are poised to tackle anything from regulatory infrastructure for the marijuana market to legalizing possession of marijuana within the state.
  • This is all in the early stages so nothing has been finalized but Indiana is showing signs that they are preparing to expand the cannabis business in their state.

Some lawmakers in Indiana are for some changes in 2022 regarding how the state views marijuana. Whether or not the changes come to fruition is remain to be seen.

Pre-filed legislation will make it easy for the legislature to take up a number of bills related to cannabis. These bills include a range of cannabis topics from making marijuana legal in Indiana to simply setting up a more robust regulatory framework.

The main infrastructure legislation bill would not immediately legalize the use of marijuana in Indiana. It would, however, create something called the Cannabis Compliance Commission. The main goal of the commission would be to “regulate growth, processing, distribution, and sale of legal cannabis in Indiana.” The commission would also be overseeing the existing hemp and CBD markets within the state.

The main sponsor of the bill is Rep. Sue Errington (D). She has sponsored other cannabis legislation in the past but has herself admitted that they were trying to move too quickly all at once. This new cannabis infrastructure legislation is something that she hopes has a legitimate chance of passing in 2022.

In the past one of the big hurdles for cannabis legalization in Indiana has been Gov. Eric Holcomb. He has made it clear that he is not in favor of legalizing marijuana in Indiana. However, he has recently made statements indicating that he is on board with lawmakers passing legislation for an infrastructure framework to regulate cannabis.  It could lead one to think that Governor Holcomb thinks that federal prohibition of marijuana could be lifted at some point and he is preparing his state for that very real possibility.

Indiana isn’t necessarily known for being progressive when it comes to its laws and regulations on marijuana. It doesn’t sound like we will see the legalization of recreational marijuana but they are certainly looking to the future and trying not to get caught off guard if marijuana becomes more acceptable on a federal level. On top of that this new Cannabis Compliance Commission could play a key role in helping to regulate the current hemp and CBD markets which would only help with consumer safety as well.



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