Alabama Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

  • Alabama State Legislature has voted to legalize medical marijuana throughout the state, which achieved a passing vote of 68-34. The bill now heads to Gov. Kay Ivey’s desk.
  • If approved, the new legislation will create a medical cannabis commission to regulate the industry, as well as provide the appropriate doctors with the licensing to prescribe medical marijuana. 
  • If Gov. Ivey approves this bill, Alabama will become the 37th state to legalize marijuana in some form for medicinal purposes. 

The State Legislature in Alabama voted late Thursday on the House version of SB 46. It passed 68-34 and makes Alabama the most recent state to potentially approve medical cannabis laws.

This new legislation would create a state medical cannabis commission that would regulate, license, and oversee the distribution of all medical marijuana. Physicians and other eligible doctors would be able to prescribe medical marijuana for a list of varying conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Terminal illnesses

All patients would be given medical marijuana cards. Vaping and smoking marijuana products would remain prohibited, and gummies, oils, and creams would be legalized. 

The bill passed the chamber with bipartisan support. The legislation is now on its way to Gov. Kay Ivey’s desk, who can approve it with a final signature. 

Press secretary for Ivey, Gina Maiola, emailed CNN on Thursday stating that “as with any piece of legislation that reaches the governor’s desk, we look forward to thoroughly reviewing it.”

“We appreciate the debate from the Legislature on the topic. This is certainly an emotional issue. We are sensitive to that and will give it the diligence it deserves,” Maiola added.

If Gov. Ivey approves this bill, it will continue the trend of historically conservative states making more movements to legalize marijuana. Beginning July 1st, Virginia will be the first southern state with legal recreational marijuana

Alabama would also become the 37th state to approve medical marijuana. 



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