New Mexico Legalizes Marijuana

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  • The state of New Mexico has legalized recreational marijuana for all residents 21 and older. This new law begins starting on June 29th of this year.
  • In a similar move to New York, New Mexico will postpone legalizing the sale of mairjuna until sometime in 2022, after lawmakers have created regulations for the industry. 
  • The state is also implementing an expungement system to clear the records of those with past marijauna convictions, along with releasing people currently serving jail time for similar offenses. 

“We’re going to start righting past wrongs of this country’s failed war on drugs. And we’re going to break new ground in an industry that may well transform New Mexico’s economic future for the better.”

This statement was delivered by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham after signing a bill into law that legalized marijuana in the state of New Mexico.

Starting this summer, residents of New Mexico aged 21 and older will be allowed to possess and grow marijuana, with retail sales beginning in early 2022. According to an economic analysis from the governor, legal marijuana could create a $318 million market with over 10,000 jobs.

New Mexico is one of the most impoverished states in the country, making this legalization a big step forward for them economically.

Marijuana will officially become legal in New Mexico beginning June 29th. Similar to New York, New Mexico is holding off the sale of marijuana until 2022 to allow the state to develop regulations and supply.

Local governments will not have the authority to issue blanket prohibitions on marijuana sales within their jurisdiction, either. This means that marijuana will be legal in every county across the state.

People also serving time for marijuana offenses, or those with past offenses, will have their records expunged and will be released from police custody. New Mexico, New York, and Virginia have legalized recreational marijuana within the past month, and are helping to grow the list of states with legal marijuana up to 17 by this summer. But who knows where this number will be by the time summer rolls around, especially with April 20th, marijuana’s national holiday, coming around the bend.



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