Hemp-Infused Energy Drinks? PepsiCo Launches New Hemp Beverage In Germany

Pepsi Sign
  • PepsiCo has launched their new line of Rockstar Energy + Hemp drinks in Germany.
  • The drink is made using hempseed extract, caffeine, and taurine, and comes in three different flavors: Original, tropical burst, and prickly cactus.
  • For now, PepsiCo has made no mention of bringing these new beverages to other markets aside from Germany.

PepsiCo has launched a new line of hemp-infused beverages in Germany with their current drink brand known as Rockstar Energy.

Rockstar Energy + Hemp was released last Saturday with three different flavors — Original, tropical burst, and prickly cactus. The new drinks are made using a combination of:

  • Hempseed extract
  • Caffeine 
  • Taurine

PepsiCo purchased Rockstar Energy last year for a sum of $3.86 billion. Their hemp drinks, which are described to have an “intense” hemp flavor, will only be sold in Germany, where CBD-infused beverages are fully legal.

PepsiCo has made no mention of expanding these hemp drinks to other markets, and likely won’t even consider the U.S. until permanent marketing regulations are created for CBD and other hemp byproducts.

As for now, the legality of CBD beverages in the U.S. varies by state, who have the ability to govern their own cannabis laws. 

PepsiCo is listed as PEP on the Nasdaq.



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