Certain CBD Edibles Face Sales Ban in the UK

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  • With the deadline to submit a validated novel food authorization application now in the past, many CBD edibles in the UK are being pulled from shelves.
  • In the UK, CBD is labeled as a “novel food,” meaning it must undergo numerous safety studies in order to be legally sold to consumers.
  • In order to be sold in stores across the UK, CBD products will now need proper authorization.

Back in 2020, the Food Standards Agency in London made a motion to halt the sale of CBD foods that did not possess validation by food-safety authorities. It set a deadline of March 31st, 2021 for companies to submit a validated novel food authorization application. 

With that deadline now passed, many CBD edibles are facing a sales ban and are being pulled from shelves everywhere in the UK.

Despite CBD’s legality in the U.S., the compound was not considered “commonly eaten” in Europe before the year 1997. As a result, the European Commission labeled CBD as a “novel food,” leading to stringent rules on safety studies and toxicology data that was required to have before being sold to the public.

However, CBD’s popularity helped brands earn shelf space in various stores, shops, and online websites. And the Brightfield Group estimated that around 400 entities existed in the UK CBD market, prior to the ban that is.

The UK is now the first country in the world to set a deadline and remove unauthorized CBD products from shelves everywhere. Once those sales begin to decline, companies will either need to fold, or submit an application for a validated novel food authorization.



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