Europe Launches Largest-Ever Human CBD Trial

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  • The European Industrial Hemp Association in Europe has launched the largest-ever human CBD trial in an attempt to prove to regulators that trace amounts of THC is safe to consume.
  • In Europe, full-spectrum CBD products are classified as novel foods, and therefore are subject to Europe’s novel food requirements. 
  • The EIHA will be conducting the study over a 30-day period involving 200 different CBD users. Full-spectrum CBD products, an isolate-based product, and a synthetic CBD product will be the primary focus. 
  • If the experiment goes well, the EIHA is hoping to get full-spectrum CBD products removed from the list of novel foods in Europe.

CBD products have been at the forefront of several debates in America ever since industrial hemp’s legalization under the 2018 Farm Bill a couple of years ago. While many have advocated for CBD’s effects and benefits on the body, others remain skeptical and fear the underlying effects that consuming trace amounts of THC may have.

And in an attempt to help bring clarity and growth to the global cannabis industry, Europe has launched the largest-ever human CBD trial that will focus on just that. The association conducting the study: The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). 

EIHA has stated that the goal of this study is to provide evidence to European regulators that trace amounts of THC is safe to consume, and that its presence in CBD products has no negative effects on the user. In Europe, all hemp extracts and hemp-derived products containing cannabinoids are classified as “novel foods.”

Lorenza Romanese, managing director at EIHA, told Cannabis Health: “When it comes to low levels of cannabinoids in food, this has been sold on the market for 25 years.”

“It is not novel. For us, these do not deserve any novel food application prior to putting them on the market.”

Ultimately, EIHA is looking to prove that full-spectrum CBD products should not be subjected to the stringent EU novel foods requirements. 

“Full-spectrum is a challenge because there are some studies that are missing,” Romanese said.

“If we really believe that full spectrum is the right product for the market, we need to tackle THC.”

The EIHA has submitted applications to test three kinds of CBD products: a full-spectrum CBD product, an isolate-based product, and a synthetic CBD product. 200 CBD users will be assessed over a 30-day period. 

After March 31st, the UK will be pulling all CBD products from the shelves that have not been submitted for a novel-food application.



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