Coming Soon: Solar-Powered Vehicles Made With Hemp Components

Solar Panels
  • An automaker in San Diego, California is planning to begin producing solar-powered vehicles made using hemp components by the end of this year.
  • The vehicle is designed as a three-wheeler, and can carry two people 45 miles per day on solar power alone.
  • The company, Aptera Motors, has already had 8,000 people pay a down deposit on the vehicle, which is reportedly going to be sold anywhere between $26,000 – $46,000 depending on certain features.

Hemp is truly an underrated crop. Aside from its ability to produce CBD that is later used to create various products, hemp can be useful in several different industries — even automotives.

And by the end of this year, an automaker based in San Diego, named Aptera Motors, plans to begin the production of solar-powered, emission-free cars that are made with hemp components. They have developed a three-wheeled vehicle capable of transporting up two two people. The car uses a solar array that can be charged with solar panels mounted on the roof, and can get a range up to 1,000 miles.

The vehicles also have a 100-kWh battery that can be installed to go along with the solar power. 

According to reports, 8,000 people have already made down deposits on the vehicles that Aptera plans to produce.

The body of the cars help support its “green” image as well. They are made up of a composite of carbon, Kevlar, and hemp, designed to reduce the amount of wind resistance you experience when driving. A similar combination can be found in some modern race cars.

The vehicles will be sold for between $26,000 and $46,000, with the price varying depending on features you want included. In comparison, a Tesla Model 3 sells for around $36,000, making the price range competitive.

If you thought hemp’s only purpose was to create CBD products, then you’re missing out on all the unique and environmentally-friendly uses that hemp has. As hemp continues to be included in the conversation as a crop that can help create more eco-friendly products, you can expect to see its usage become much more broad.



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