HIA In Support of Rand Paul’s Proposed Bill to Increase THC Limit In Hemp

Hemp Plants in Field
  • The Hemp Industries Association has expressed their support for Rand Paul’s proposed bill that would increase the THC limit in grown hemp from 0.3% to 1%.
  • HIA Executive Director Jody McGinness spoke about the bill, calling it “an exciting development.”
  • The HIA also expressed their interest in sampling and testing changes for hemp and its byproducts.

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) feels that a higher THC limit on legal hemp is a necessity in order to create a stable industry. The current legal level for THC in industrial hemp is set at 0.3%. However, that may soon change.

Executive Director of HIA Jody McGinness expressed his support for a bill that was proposed by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul last week. Paul’s bill would raise the legal THC limit for hemp up to 1% from its current 0.3%. This would also raise the limit for hemp byproducts as well, such as CBD oils. Products containing more than 1% THC would remain illegal Schedule 1 substances.

“The HIA obviously sees a higher cap as a prerequisite to farmers having a clear pathway for their product, and the type of stability that’s needed,” McGinness said. 

McGinness also expressed his approval for sampling and testing changes in the bill, stating that it would make producing hemp “more practical all around.”

“It’s an exciting development,” he added.

As of now, no further action has been scheduled on Paul’s bill. It’s unlikely that it will be voted on soon, as the Senate has yet to also act on a proposal that would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, which passed in the House early in December. 

Once a new Congress is seated next month, we will hopefully see more movement on these proposals. If they both get approved, you can expect 2021 to be a huge year for the entire cannabis industry.



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