Cannabis Legalization In Mexico Postponed Until Spring

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  • The Supreme Court of Mexico has extended the deadline for legalizing cannabis until April 2021.
  • The Senate approved a bill back in November that establishes a cannabis marketplace for Mexico, and includes certain specifications for regulations.
  • Despite years of effort trying to legalize cannabis, a poll has revealed that a majority of Mexicans are actually against its legalization.

The Supreme Court of Mexico has extended the December 15th deadline for legislation to mandate the legalization of both hemp and marijuana for recreational use.

The court originally called for the legislation after determining that the prohibition of cannabis was unconstitutional. The extension allows Congress to legislate the matter until April 2021, when the next ordinary session period ends.

The Senate approved the bill back in November, which establishes a marijuana and hemp marketplace in the country. The bill also features a few specifications:

  • A 1% THC limit on all hemp
  • The creation of a brand new government agency that will be responsible for regulating the market
  • 40% of the cultivation licenses during the first five years of the active law will be awarded to farmers, indigenous communities, and other groups negatively impacted by the country’s prohibition on cannabis

A lower house vote is needed for things to continue, and many fear that the upcoming elections in Mexico may delay the issue further. In June, 500 seats of the Chamber of Deputies will be up for election.

A poll that was published by the Center for Social Studies and Public Opinion back in May of this year showed that a majority of Mexican citizens were against the legalization of recreational cannabis.

However, the Senate has been trying to get legislators to comply with the mandate since October 2019, which was the original deadline the court had set. This extension marks the third extension since the original deadline, with the first two extending the deadline to April 2020 and December 2020.



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