SOAR™ Launches Tincture Line Containing CBG and CBN

  • Hemp-derived CBD maker SOAR™ has announced the launch of three new tincture product lines.
  • These new products, named Harmony Held, Energy Enhanced, and Sleep Secured, will be introducing the inclusion of the two cannabinoids CBG and CBN.
  • The tinctures will be available for purchase in individual 2 oz bottles.

SOAR™, a producer of hemp-derived CBD products made for those seeking healthy bodies and minds, has announced their launch of three new functional tincture product lines.

The new tincture lines, named Harmony Held, Energy Enhanced, and Sleep Secured, are crafted with hemp-derived CBD, contain less than 0.3% THC, and include the lesser-known cannabinoids CBN and CBG.

CBN (cannabinol) and CBG (cannabigerol) are two chemical compounds that are found within hemp and marijuana plants. Similar to CBD, they each provide their own unique benefits that make them valuable in different products.

CBN is a natural analgesic that, at times, can prove to be more effective as a sleep aid than CBD. CBG, on the other hand, is sometimes dubbed as the “mother of all cannabinoids” and has been linked to pain reduction for glaucoma patients.

“At SOAR™, we’re constantly looking into the many functional benefits that can be obtained through different properties and chemicals within the cannabis plant,” said president of SOAR™, Colin Kelley.

“After thorough research and testing, our team is excited to bring the benefits of CBG and CBN to our consumers through our new high-quality, high-dosage CBD tinctures that help everyone lead an active lifestyle and realize their inner strength.”

The three new tinctures are as followed:

  • Sleep Secured Lemon Essence (150 mg CBN + 500 mg CBD; $50)

This new product perfectly balances CBN, broad-spectrum CBD, and melatonin to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Adding this product to your nightly routine not only helps you get better sleep, but helps you wake up feeling fresh and ready to go in the morning.

  • Energy Enhanced Peppermint Essence (500 mg CBG + 500 mg CBD; $50)

This combination of CBG and CBD is the best natural pick-me-up on the market. With added MCT oil and B vitamins, your mood, energy, and focus will all improve to help your body maintain homeostasis and keep you feeling your best.

  • Harmony Held Wellness (500 mg CBD; $35)

A combination of CBD and MCT oil, this naturally-flavored tincture will help you feel balanced. The ingredients work with the endocannabinoid system to help you maintain homeostasis and keep you going throughout your day.
These new tinctures will all be available in 2 oz bottles as a part of the new bundles. The variety of products target recovery, wellness, synergy, and balance. All SOAR™ products undergo first and third-party testing by an experienced team of experts.



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