PAOG Partners With New PURA Hemp Initiative

Business partnership
  • PAO Group, Inc. has partnered with Puration, Inc.
  • PURA has also been building other partnerships, including one with Alkame Holdings, Inc. as a co-packing agreement.
  • PURA has also acquired a 72-acre chunk of land in Texas.

PAO Group, Inc. (PAOG) has confirmed a pharmaceutical and neurocritical extraction partnership with Puration, Inc. (PURA).

In preparation for their participation in the partnership with PAOG, PURA has been building other partnerships. They have recently established a co-packing partnership with Alkame Holdings, Inc. (ALKM). They’ve also acquired a 72-acre chunk of land in Farmersville, Texas. 

In a transaction that occurred earlier this year, PAOG acquired a cannabis cultivation operation from PURA. The transaction consisted of PAOG shares being issued to PURA shareholders, granting PURA shareholders one share of PAOG for every PURA share they own.

About PAOG

PAO Group, Inc. specializes in advancing the future of biopharmaceutical technology derived from cannabis. They have recently revitalized their mission by acquiring two complimentary cannabis assets — One a cannabis cultivation and the other a cannabis biopharmaceutical asset called RespRX.

PAOG also owns a growing cannabis cultivator that is currently concentrating on hemp cultivation in the United States as well as marijuana cultivation in Canada.

About PURA

Puration, Inc. originally started off as a water purification company. They eventually began to develop business opportunities that were emerging from the Cannabis Extractions Sector. They are currently emerging as a Texas-based leader as a CBD-infused beverage provider. 

PURA is focused on expanding their distribution and sales of their product lines both internationally and domestically. In December of last year, PURA acquired a German entity to expand their distribution in Europe.



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