Arbor Vita8 Opens New Processing Facility in Alabama

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  • A hemp company in the Southeast region of Alabama has announced the opening of their new 75,000 square foot facility.
  • This massive facility is loaded with advanced technologies and machinery such as an industrial dryer and extractor.
  • The company, Arbor Vita8, has also developed an educational hub in order to become an educational leader in the hemp industry.

Arbor Vita8, an Alabama-based hemp company, has recently opened their new extraction and processing facility in Phenix City. The facility measures an impressive 75,000 square foot and is expected to speed up hemp manufacturing in the region.

The company announced the opening of the new facility on Monday, quoting the goal of the new facility is to “bolster this region’s efforts to be a significant contributor and leader in the hemp industry.”

Jason Sirotin, CEO of Arbor Vita8, stated in the release:

“In order for the industry to be successful everyone needs to be winning. That means farmers grow crops they can get processed, processors can process quality biomass they can sell to manufacturers, and manufacturers get a great value on quality extract for use in their products.”

He continued, saying: “Whether farmers are working with us or not, farmers should not put a seed in the ground unless they have a clear path to processing.”

Vita8’s new facility is going to provide them with advanced technologies that will increase output and production in the Southeast region. Two of their most notable technologies include:

  • An industrial dryer capable of drying 10,000 pounds of biomass per hour
  • An industrial extractor capable of extracting up to 5,000 pounds per day

Along with the opening of their new facility, Arbor Vita8 has developed an education hub. This hub will deliver reliable information on topics such as new technology, growing best practices, tools of trade and more. Arbor Vita8’s goal is to become recognized as an educational leader in the hemp industry.



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