NFLPA Urges Players Not to Endorse CBD Products

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  • The NFL Players Association has updated its policy to not allow players from endorsing CBD products or other cannabinoids.
  • The NFLPA sent out an email last Thursday stating the changes.
  • Many professional athletes, including NFL players, play a role in a CBD company, creating tension and legal confusion for those involved before the policy changes were made.

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has recently updated its policy in an attempt to discourage current players from endorsing CBD products or other cannabinoids.

The NFLPA sent out an email last Thursday explaining that their Commercial Substances Policies and Endorsements section had been updated. It read:

“NFL players, coaches, and other employees must not endorse or appear in advertisements for alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or cannabinoid products.”

The email then continued on to note:

“As a result of this language, player endorsements of cannabinoid products are not advised by the NFL Players Association.”

Two days prior to this change, on October 13th, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield announced that he will be stepping into the role of brand ambassador for the CBD brand Beam. Some believe this prompted the NFL to make their rule change.

Other Current Players Endorsing CBD

Rob Gronwkoski, tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, partnered with CBDMEDIC in December of last year when he was retired from the NFL. He has since un-retired and continues to endorse CBDMEDIC’s products.

Back in September of this year, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins invested in the company BioSteel Sports Nutrition, who produces CBD products among other things. Notable ambassadors for BioSteel include:

  • Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Ezekiel Elliott, running back for the Dallas Cowboys
  • Jalen Ramsey, cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams

Moving Forward

It’s tough to say how strictly the NFL will enforce these rules, especially with how many players already endorse this legal product. It won’t be long before we see how the NFL implements them, it will just be a matter of how current NFL players respond.

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