Poland Zoo Giving CBD to Elephants

Elephant at Zoo
  • A zoo in Poland is taking on a research project involving administering CBD to elephants as a remedy for anxiety.
  • The company conducting the experiment, DobreKonopie.pl, decided to reach out after the zoo had lost its 35-year-old elephant herd leader named Erna.
  • According to the zoo’s head of animal rehabilitation, early results are positive.

Zookeepers in Warsaw, Poland have been administering CBD to their elephants as part of a trial studying the effects it has on their anxiety.

The Polish hemp company conducting the project, DobreKonopie.pl, took notice when the zoo had mentioned the loss of their 35-year-old herd leader, Erna, and the emotional impact it was having on her companions, Fredzia and Buba.

“After the loss of the herd leader, Fredzia and Buba are going through a very difficult time connected with establishing a new hierarchy, which is even more difficult as they form only a group of two,” stated zookeeper Patryk Pyciński.

To administer the CBD, oil is being added to the elephant’s food. Attempts have been made to administer the CBD oil directly into the animal’s mouth so that it absorbs faster, but it has proven difficult. Acceptance of the additive is determined by the oil’s smell and taste, according to veterinarians at the zoo.

Agnieszka Senskowska, who serves as a vet and as head of the zoo’s animal rehabilitation department, told Polsat News that the early test showings are positive.

Why Elephants?

Senskowska mentions that elephants were the best choice because they can be closely monitored in their facility.

“We know what each of our elephants eats, how they behave, whether they show any behavioral disturbances, what their position in the group is, we can check their current state of health by examining their blood. If the results are good, we hope that we will invite more animals to the adventure with cannabis,” Senskowska explained.

DobreKonopie.pl is supplying the CBD for the zoo and also conducts research using it with other animals, such as horses. They claim to have seen many positive results in helping horses to reduce pain, swelling, and anxiety.



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