New Georgia Hemp Laws Signed Into Effect

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  • New hemp laws signed by Gov. Brian Kemp are now in full effect in the state of Georgia.
  • The law changes include an increase in processing fees, new hemp transportation requirements, and the approval of out-of-state hemp sales.
  • Georgia’s hemp industry is expected to see significant growth with these new laws after legalizing hemp production last year.

Georgia’s hemp industry is now taking on new regulations as House Bill 847, which was signed by Gov. Brian Kemp last month, took effect. The new laws include spiked processing fees, revised transportation rules, and the approval for out-of-state hemp sales.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgia set their permit fees for hemp processors at $10,000 when the state legalized hemp growth in 2019. But now, with the new regulations in effect, processors must pay a $25,000 permit fee to the state Department of Agriculture, along with an additional $50,000 for every subsequent year.

Although this is a significant spike in processing fees, the new Georgia hemp laws allow farmers and processors to sell products to hemp producers found in other states, opening up the market for farmers in Georgia that allows the industry to grow without restraints.

Also, the transportation of hemp in Georgia now requires the appropriate paperwork. This new law was implemented with the goal of helping police officers reduce confusion during traffic stops. Because hemp and marijuana tend to look and smell the same, officers would often test a plant for its THC content. Thanks to the new law, the possession of the appropriate paperwork saves both time and money for the officer and driver.

However, those transporting hemp without the proper license and paperwork can face the same penalties that people face when busted for possession of marijuana in Georgia, which typically includes both fines and jail time.

For those looking to become owners and/or executives of hemp growing and research operations, background checks and fingerprinting will now be required.



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