Agriculture Commissioner in Alabama Wants More Hemp Being Grown

Field of Hemp Plants
  • The agriculture commissioner in the state of Alabama is urging farmers to grow more hemp.
  • The commissioner, Rick Pate, wants more Alabama-made products available to consumers.
  • Pate’s comments were made to a TV station while he was visiting a hemp facility in Decatur.

Rick Pate, Agriculture Commissioner of Alabama, wants hemp farmers to grow more crops to increase the amount of state-made products that are available to consumers. In 2019, which was also the state’s first hemp season, Alabama recorded a total of 180 farmers and 70 processors.

“I’m looking forward to Alabama products, Alabama-grown hemp, and Alabama-processed CBD oil being on the market because that’s the ultimate thing,” Pate stated.

Pate made his comments to WAFF-TV while visiting a hemp facility in Decatur, Huntsville.

Alabama Hemp 2019

Although Pate’s comments may make it seem like Alabama is falling behind in the hemp industry, he commented to the TV station that he feels Alabama farmers are meeting their marks in production so far. To state it simply, Pate wants more farmers to grow hemp in order to increase their production of CBD in the state.

In fact, Pate even credited his farmers last year once applications were sent out.

“The people who have applied are serious farmers. These are not people who have been growing marijuana,” Pate stated last year.

Aside from CBD, Pate also credits hemp for its ability to create a plethora of products. Its fiber is used to make rope while the stalks and seeds can be harvested and used to make fabrics, carpeting, livestock feed, and even car parts.

“There’s obviously a market for it. We’re going to inspect and test it.

Wrap Up

Last year, Kentucky and Colorado led the U.S. in hemp cultivation licenses with 972 and 759, respectively. Although these numbers are drastically higher than that of Alabama, it demonstrates the potential that the industry has. As more knowledge and acceptance of hemp and cannabis are spread throughout the country, you can expect the number of hemp cultivators in every state to rise.



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