Colorado Considering New Ordinances After Odor Complaints About Hemp

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  • A new ordinance was voted on in Boulder to help resolve complaints that the town receives about hemp odor.
  • The new law would limit hemp businesses to three within a 500-foot radius.
  • Officials in Boulder are trying to find the best balance that allows marijuana and hemp to be treated equally when applicable. 

Officials in Colorado are proposing new ordinances in an attempt to reduce the amount of odor that is being given off by hemp businesses in certain areas of the state. Luckily, officials here have already had to sort a similar situation with marijuana cultivation.

According to the Daily Camera, local authorities in Boulder, CO voted on an ordinance this week that would limit hemp businesses to three within a radius of 500 feet. Boulder, known as a college town, shares the air with roughly five dozen hemp businesses. If approved, hemp and marijuana will have the same restrictions in the town.

Mayor Pro Tem Bob Yates stated:

“With respect to odor, we want to encourage these types of businesses, whether they’re hemp or marijuana, to be concentrated and closer together because the more they’re spread out around town, the more residents and other businesses they’re going to impact.”

Yates was one of the council members who supported a motion that would allow three marijuana and three hemp businesses within 500 feet of one another. The motion failed 5-3 and was changed to set the limit at three cannabis businesses total. 

A new Cannabis Licensing Advisory Board will also weigh in on local industry matters and provide future advice on potential changes.

“Some of those (advisory board) members are steeped in the evolution and complexities of our cannabis code and provide the expertise about not only where hemp could align with cannabis regulations, but also where the hemp industry is unlike those in cannabis, and we would want to differentiate policies, accordingly,”

stated Boulder Chamber Director of Public Affairs Andrea Meneghel.

Complaints about hemp and marijuana odor are typically found in communities that lack a clear ordinance for those businesses. The good news is that they are easy to resolve because of how common they are, especially in the agriculture industry as a whole.



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