Fourth of July Causes Surge in CBD Dog Treats, Especially for One Store in Bed-Stuy

  • A pet store located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY has had issues keeping canine cannabis on their shelves.
  • According to the manager and owner of the store known as Who’s Your Doggy, sales for two of their products increased by 112 percent.
  • Due to what seems like an ever-lasting celebration that started last month, many pet owners in Bed-Stuy are leaving the city until the fireworks have stopped.

With the Fourth of July comes a celebration that is typically accompanied by slabs of beef on a grill and chemical reactions bursting bright colors in the sky. And while this may be a time of celebration for us humans, the experience can be quite terrifying for pets.

A pet store in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY, known as Who’s Your Doggy, has not been able to keep their shelves stocked with canine cannabis after an abundance of worried pet owners swarmed their shelves leading up to the Fourth of July. 

“Our CBD sales for dogs and cats are crazy,” stated Who’s Your Doggy manager Alex Bird. “All our distributors are out of stock.”

People in New York were purchasing pet CBD and sedatives at record rates over the fear of fatal pet stress during the explosion of fireworks. 

According to Bird and Who’s Your Doggy’s owner, Tracy Klonowski, sales for Pet Releaf Edibites and Super Snouts hemp oil saw an increase of 112 percent. This helped push the Bed-Stuy pet store toward tripling their CBD inventory during holiday seasons. 

However, this did not help them meet the demands of terrified pet owners during this holiday season.

“We don’t have a single pet oil in stock and I don’t think we’ll be able to order them any time soon, unfortunately. And that’s pretty rare to run out before the Fourth of July,” says Bird.

Pet owners can usually find a way to calm their pet down for the night, however, according to Dr. Natara Loose, also known as “The Neighborhood Vet,” the fireworks in New York City were reported to have been on and off the entire month prior.

“I get the normal celebratory want around July 4th. But it has been going on for over a month with no end in sight and my heart breaks for these poor terrified animals,” stated Loose.

Many pet owners in the Bed-Stuy area are fleeing with their furry loved ones until the celebrations end and more pet CBD products are in stock.

Preparing for Celebration

There are many steps you can take to help reduce the anxiety in your pet when loud events such as fireworks shows are going on. And first and foremost, it is important to understand that you and your pets perceive fireworks very differently.

Humans find fireworks fascinating because they provide an interesting aesthetic and symbolize a way to celebrate life and independence. However, for your pet, fireworks are simply a combination of loud noises, vibrations in the ground, and weird smells in the air. 

Here are a few simple tricks:

  • Stay calm. Dogs especially will sync with your emotions and can sense your mood. If you are nervous during fireworks, their anxiety will only heighten.
  • Create a safe haven. Find a spot in the house where your pet is most comfortable and spend the evening with them there. This allows them to be in a familiar place that makes them feel safe.
  • Reassure your pet. Make sure you talk to your dog or cat during their heightened anxiety in a soothing voice. Try not to get angry with them if they accidentally urinate inside, as the anger will only further worsen their association with fireworks.

You can find even more tips and tricks here!

Wrap Up

It is unfortunate that such stressful events are the ones to shine light on the demand for pet CBD products, but it makes a strong case for the market’s growth. As more and more studies are conducted on the use of CBD on pets, you can expect its popularity to continue to grow, especially as more veterinarians sign off their approval.Subscribe down below if you want to be notified whenever we post new content.



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