Hemp Companies in Canada and Spain Join Forces to Distribute CBG in Canada

Hemp Plant
  • Cannabis Orchards and Hemp Trading have formed a partnership to distribute CBG.
  • The hemp variety, named Panakeia, contains no THC and has a CBG content of 18%.
  • The two companies plan to have the CBG seed as an approved cultivar by fall 2020.

Cannabis Orchards, a Canadian biotech hemp company, has partnered with Spanish company Hemp Trading in order to distribute high-quality CBG in Canada that is free of THC. This rare hemp variety, known as Panakeia, has had “successful distribution” in the United States, sparking the two company’s interests in forming a partnership.

CBG is another cannabinoid found in hemp. It has some similarities to CBD, but there are many ways in which CBG and CBD differ.

CBG-rich hemp plants are in high demand, especially in Canada, due to the lack of farmers growing them. The hemp variety Panakeia has a reported CBG content of 18%, which is commonly used to help treat ailments from immune disorders.

Cannabis Orchards and Hemp Trading plan to gain the approval of Health Canada for their feminized Panakeia CBG seed to be added to the list of approved cultivars by fall of this year. 

According to Hemp Trading, who do business in over 20 countries, Panakeia is already being distributed in the U.S. by two companies, Tesoro Genetics and Front Range Biosciences. They originally developed the hemp variety with the Spanish Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. 

Brief CBG Intro

In most hemp plants, CBG can only be found in concentrations around 1%. However, it is believed to be one of the more beneficial compounds found in cannabis. Similar to CBD, CBG will not alter your state of mind or give you a high, and its effects have been found to be more calming.

More studies still need to be conducted to know all the possible benefits that CBG can provide. A few of the leading beliefs that researchers have about CBG include:

  • CBG May Be Able Treat Glaucoma

Medical marijuana can be prescribed to people suffering from glaucoma because cannabis has proven to relieve intraocular pressure. CBG could be the big breakthrough that provides patients with a non-intoxicating cannabis alternative.

  • CBG Could Help Fight Cancer

A review article from 2009 showed that CBG could potentially slow the growth of tumors. It may also be beneficial to patients undergoing chemotherapy as it showed an increased appetite in rats during a 2016 test.

  • CBG Could Help Treat Colitis

Colitis, which is inflammation of the inner lining of the colon, is a chronic digestive disease that affects many people. A 2013 study showed that CBG use on rats with digestive diseases showed significant improvement.

CBG has yet to undergo clinical trials on a human. Scientists are hopeful that these clinical trials will begin sometime in the near future.



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