Juice Giant Ocean Spray Releases Sparkling CBD Water in Colorado

Ocean Spray Logo
  • Ocean Spray released two flavors of sparkling CBD water in the state of Colorado.
  • The product was developed by its CarryOn brand and is currently only available in Colorado.
  • Ocean Spray and CarryOn both wanted to make a product that could help people to relax during times of hardship, such as our current global state.

Ocean Spray, the massachusetts-based juice and snack giant, is releasing sparkling CBD water in Colorado to test its popularity.

Ocean Spray’s sparkling CBD water was developed by their new CarryOn brand, making them the first to take it to market. The water comes in two flavors, Elevate and Descend, and contain 10 and 20 milligrams of CBD, respectively. 

“This launch focuses on emotional wellness, exactly at the moment we need it today,” stated Rizal Hamdallah, the global chief innovation officer of Ocean Spray.

Ocean Spray’s intent is to provide a product that can help calm people’s minds during unprecedented and stressful times such as these. Between the recent riots and the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of people have had negative impacts on their minds.

“We believe mental well-being should be as second nature as physical fitness, and so we set out to create a CBD beverage that provides real functional benefits like focus and relaxation,” stated co-developer of CarryOn, Josh Wiesman.

“We understood there was a gap in the market for a trustworthy CBD beverage that tastes good, and also helps calm the mind without unwanted side effects.”

Aside from CBD, these CarryOn drinks possess vitamins C and E and no added sugar. The company did not specify where the new waters would be sold.



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