Aiken County, SC Public Schools Ban CBD Due to Unreliable Testing

No Vaping
  • Public schools in Aiken County, SC are no longer allowing CBD products on their property due to unreliable testing and a lack of knowledge on possible side effects.
  • The Aiken County School Board voted for the conduct on Tuesday, and enforced the new rule immediately in an attempt to reduce the amount of vaping that was taking place.
  • This rule change comes despite the fact that CBD products are legal in SC as long as they possess less than 0.3% THC content.

The Student Code of Conduct for public schools in Aiken County recently underwent revisions as CBD and its products were added to the list of illicit substances.

The Aiken County School Board for the public schools, located in South Carolina, voted on Tuesday and came to the consensus that CBD products would not be allowed on the property. This decision comes despite the legality of CBD products in South Carolina that contain less than 0.3% THC.

King Laurence, the Superintendent for Aiken County Schools, commented that the primary objective of the decision is to reduce the amount of vaping on school grounds.

“We have a committee that is made up of administrators, community members, teachers, parents… they had a considerable discussion about CBD,” Laurence stated.

“They recognize there are a lot of uses for it, but the issue that we have is generally with vaping.”

Over the last several years, the number of teens that frequently vape has risen sharply. This is especially concerning with particular products that deliver a high concentration of nicotine, such as Juuls, because it is known to stunt brain and lung development in adolescence.

The National Institute of Health describes the rise as “alarming.”

Laurence said that the school system also does not have a method to provide reliable testing for vape products to determine their THC level.

“We have to err on the side of not allowing those products at all.”

Aiken County School District is willing to work with students who take CBD that is recommended by their physician for a specific medical condition.

More Research Needed

Aiken lacks the ability to effectively test student’s products for THC, so they have resorted to local law enforcement in the past to test students who appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. However, this process moves too slowly to be an effective solution.

More research also needs to be done on CBD products in order for the school district to feel comfortable allowing them on their premises. Studies so far have revealed that CBD does provide medical benefits, but more research is needed for scientists to fully understand the potential side effects.

Once the proper research is done, there is a good chance that many places, including the Aiken County School District, will change their conduct and allow more freedom with these products.

“We revise and review our code of conduct every year. So as science changes… that (ban) could change as well,” Laurence stated.

Wrap Up

Although Aiken County’s ruling goes against the laws that South Carolina has set in place for CBD, you can rest assured that it was made with the best intentions.

These schools do not have an issue with CBD, but rather with the idea of teenagers vaping. It is easy to appreciate a ruling that is designed to protect students from the hidden health dangers of using e-cigarettes and vapes.



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