Texas Reveals Proposed Rules for the Sale and Production of Edible Hemp Products

Texas Sign
  • Texas has released a proposed ruling for the sale and production of edible hemp products within the state.
  • The state is asking that all public comments be submitted within the next month.
  • The finalized ruling is expected to take effect sometime in July.

Texas is asking the public to make suggestions to their proposed rules for consumable hemp products.

The deadline for public commenting is one month, with the finalized ruling predicted to take effect in July.

The state’s proposed rules address matters such as oversight and licensing for manufacturing companies, processors, and distributors. The proposed rules also include a $150 yearly registration fee for all retailers selling CBD products.

The rules also mentioned product testing regulations along with labelling requirements. So far, CBD product labels must include:

  • The phone number and address of the manufacturer.
  • QR codes.

The Department of State Health Services published the proposed rules on Friday.

The state of Texas is one of the most contributing in the country in regard to hemp production and progressive action. Texas is capable of providing massive hemp yields that has helped to spike the popularity of CBD products within their borders. Better yet, CBD stores in Texas even began conducting drone deliveries to serve customers who are practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there is little doubt that edible hemp products would be quite popular and successful in Texas, the journey there may take a little longer than some might expect. Despite a state’s ability to propose their own rules and regulations, adding CBD to food and drinks still remains illegal at the federal level.

There has been a lot of demand for the FDA to conduct more research on the effects of adding CBD to food so that it can be reclassified and marketed as a dietary supplement. With Texas now making strides to legalize this within their own borders the FDA may move it higher on their priority list.



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