Hemp Companies in Georgia and South Carolina Form Joint Venture

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  • Verde Lead and The Alpine Hemp Group are forming a joint venture.
  • The joint venture plans to produce smokable hemp products as an alternative to tobacco.
  • The terms of agreement were not disclosed.

Verde Leaf and The Alpine Hemp Group, two hemp companies from Atlanta, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina respectively, have declared a joint venture to produce smokable hemp and other tobacco substitutes for nearly 46,000 different convenience stores.

The joint venture between the two companies will be called Verde Alpine Venture Group. Their plans are to produce smokable hemp cigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco. That, along with their other smokable hemp products, will hit the shelves in various locations including convenience stores, gas stations, and family stores.

The terms of agreement have not been disclosed.

Jackson Garth, CEO of Verde Leaf, stated that the joint venture will provide hemp products under four co-branded labels to stores such as Citgo and Circle K. The products are expected to launch this upcoming summer.

Verde Leaf has around 1,000 acres of land that is devoted to the smokable-product venture. They also create their own contracts with farmers to produce hemp.

About the Companies

Verde Leaf

Verde Leaf is one of the first companies in the hemp industry to control their supply chain from seed all the way to market. They help to create solutions for farmers, business owners, and consumers by assisting with key functions such as hemp cultivation and licensing acquisition. They also help to provide knowledge to a network of seasoned farmers across the Southeast of the U.S.

The Alpine Hemp Group

The Alpine Hemp Group has decades of experience in the tobacco industry. They utilize their skills and knowledge from this experience in order to make high quality hemp products that are a healthier option for those who choose to smoke. They specialize in full Spectrum whole plant extracts in order to provide positive results for both the body and mind.

Wrap Up

Helping to quit smoking is just one of the many ways that you can use CBD. And with so many different vape products and tobacco alternatives hitting the market recently, it was a wise choice for Verde Leaf and The Alpine Hemp Group to team up and begin a new line of products that provide consumers with a safer option.



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