Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. Receives USDA Organic Certification


Green Hygienics Holdings Inc has recently acquired Sol Valley Ranch that is located about 45 minutes outside of San Diego, California and has now received USDA Organic Certification at this facility.

Sol Valley Ranch consists of approximately 824 acres of prime farmland for growing and cultivating the highest quality industrial hemp for CBD. Among the 800+ acres of farmland, there are also over 400,000 square feet of greenhouse space for growing industrial hemp.

In all, Green Hygienics is poised to become a national leader in growing and cultivating industrial hemp for CBD. They adhere to the highest standards in the quality and safety of their products to deliver the highest quality of industrial hemp available for the CBD market today.

Green Hygienics believes there will continue to be a rapid expansion in the hemp industry, particularly in the United States, where demand continues to grow. They are working to uniquely position themselves as a leader within the hemp industry and this USDA Organic certification is seen as a stepping stone on that road.

“This is a great milestone to have achieved and a game-changer for the Company. The demand for organic product is growing rapidly with increasing consumer concerns around product efficacy. This is a clear strategic advantage and separates the Company from the vast majority of the sector. USDA Organic Certification is the foundation in our objective to supply the underserved medical and pharmaceutical industry,” stated GRYN CEO Ron Loudoun, “GRYN has the extraordinary capability with one of the largest single USDA Organic Certified Industrial Hemp for CBD farms in North America. Being able to provide a secure supply chain of considerable size is one of the keys to lasting success in the future.”

Not only does Green Hygienics own and operate Sol Valley Ranch for hemp cultivation but, according to their website, they are launching their own CBD products under Sol Valley CBD. They are advertising that their CBD products will be organically grown(from their own hemp farm), using a full spectrum CBD formula.

Closing Thoughts

Sol Valley CBD obviously sees a ton of potential in the future of the hemp and CBD markets. Purchasing this Californian ranch and starting a CBD company are no small investments. Seeking out and gaining the USDA Organic Certification is a huge step to show that they are serious about obtaining their goals of becoming a major market player as the CBD industry is expected to continue growing.

Their mission is well stated: “To grow the company in a sustainable and profitable manner to be one of the largest industrial hemp for CBD producers in North America. The company will adhere to the highest standards of operations in consistently delivering safe and premium quality products to consumers. The Company intends to be a leader in FDA cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) capabilities in the hemp and CBD marketplace.”

With the addition of Sol Valley Ranch and the securing of the USDA Organic Certification, they have put themselves on the right track to accomplish their goals.



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