Australia Unmasks Proposal for Over-the-Counter CBD Sales

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  • The new amendment would allow over-the-counter CBD sales in limited doses
  • Cannabidiol is currently a Schedule 4 substance in Australia but this change would make it a Schedule 3 substance and allow it to be sold without a prescription from a doctor.
  • The Australian government is currently accepting public comment on the matter through May 22nd. 
  • Australia’s Health Department is planning to look more closely at the measure in June 2020.

CBD is continuing to make a push to become more of a mainstream product around the world. Australia is now pondering whether or not to allow sales of CBD to people even without a prescription from a doctor. 

Currently, in Australia, CBD is considered to be a Schedule 4 substance. This groups it in with a list of other substances that do require a prescription from a doctor and does not allow it to be sold over-the-counter.

This new measure would change that. The new amendments would allow Cannabidiol (CBD) to be sold in limited doses over-the-counter with no prescription from a doctor.

The Australian Health Department has laid out some guidelines that would be required to be followed in order for the CBD to be sold over-the-counter. Some of these conditions are as follows:

  • The cannabidiol is plant-derived or, if it’s synthetic, is subject to certain conditions.
  • The maximum recommended daily dose is 60 milligrams or less.
  • The product is in packs containing not more than a 30-day supply.
  • Cannabidiol comprises 98% or more of the total cannabinoid content of the preparation.
  • Any cannabinoids, other than CBD, must be only those naturally found in cannabis and comprise 2% or less of the total cannabinoid content of the preparation
  • The product is for adults 18 and older.

Final Thoughts

With the continued rise in popularity of CBD around the world, it is not a surprise to see Australia start these discussions. So many countries and governments have been slow to recognize and embrace the popularity of CBD. In reality, all this really does is to cause more harm than good.

By taking this step to open up the conversation of allowing legal sales of CBD without prescription Australia appears to be acknowledging what many of their citizens have been saying about CBD. They are doing the right thing by providing specific guidelines and opening it up for public comments and discussion.

Hopefully, this will end up expanding the availability of high-quality CBD in Australia so a wide range of people can start taking advantage of its benefits. In doing so it would also open up other opportunities for job creation and tax revenue as more and more people experience the benefits of CBD.



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