Governor of Virginia Approves the Use of CBD in Food Despite Federal Prohibition

Dish of Food
  • The state of Virginia now allows CBD to be sold as a food product.
  • State regulators will be responsible for creating and enforcing regulations.
  • The federal government still prohibits CBD for this use.

Virginia has recently become one of the few states that has approved CBD-infused food despite the lack of legalization from the federal government. Gov. Ralph Northam recently signed off his approval on legislation that defines CBD as a food product and grants state regulators the power to create regulation within the industry.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumers will be the party responsible for creating regulations and enforcing them. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Supervising requirements for labeling.
  • Batch testing.
  • Identifying contaminants within products.

Many hemp farmers are in favor of Governor Northam’s decision, and feel that it “gives validity to the CBD industry.”

Although adding CBD to food is prohibited by the federal government due to its uncertain side effects, there has never been any studies that would suggest eating CBD could do any bodily harm. In fact, some farmers, such as Charlotte Wright, find the idea to be exciting because it will be a new experience for many people.

And with the state’s approval, CBD food will now at least undergo testing that ensures the safety of the products rather than leaving consumers to purchase shady and non-tested products from unknown sources.

“Right now, there is no testing required, no labeling, you have no idea what’s in it. It’s like the Wild West,” Wright stated. 

Colorado, Maine, and Alabama also allow CBD in any consumer product if the total THC content does not reach higher than 0.3%.

Wrap Up

With all political efforts being focused toward the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis has momentarily taken a back seat in the federal government’s van. However, this has not stopped states from taking the matter into their own hands and creating their own rules and regulations for the industry. 

Once we get through these trying times and the dust settles, expect several legalization efforts for both CBD and THC products.

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