Kansas Receives Approval from USDA for Hemp Production

  • The state of Kansas had its hemp production plan approved by the USDA this week.
  • Their approved regulations were a revised version from an entry earlier this year.
  • The application deadline for hemp production in Kansas is June 1st.

Another state is now ready to accept growth applications after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the hemp production plan for Kansas this week. The state is asking that all farmers have their applications submitted by June 1st.

The state of Kansas originally submitted their plan a few months prior but decided to make changes to it before resubmitting it earlier this month.

After updating their regulations, hemp farmers in Kansas must pay $100 to submit their application and an additional $1200 annually for all approved applicants. As of now, the state of Kansas has not set an acreage limit nor any per-acre fees that would stack up on their flat fees.

Included in the plan is:

  • Testing fees that equate to $225 per sample plus additional fees for travel time and mileage for the officers who collect the samples.
  • A requirement that all THC testing must be carried out at Kansas Department of Agriculture Labs.
  • An agreement that growers whose plants possess more than 2% THC content will be considered more than negligent.

Just earlier this week, the state of Florida also had its hemp production plan approved. With the addition of Kansas, the USDA has now approved hemp plans for 16 different states. Arizona, Hawaii, and Massachusetts are still currently being reviewed and may be the next states to join this growing list.


As the 2020 hemp growing seasons grows closer in the United States, you can expect even more states to begin receiving USDA approval and beginning their application process. As long as growers and processors can withstand the economic crisis during the pandemic then there is no reason to doubt that 2020 will be a big year for hemp.



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