CBD Businesses in Ohio Are Considered Non-Essential

Closed But Still Awesome Sign
  • The state of Ohio has ruled CBD retailers as non-essential.
  • The ruling will go into effect 48 hours after the decision was finalized.
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries remain open and have been classified as essential in Ohio.

An agency in Ohio that is responsible for deciding which businesses are considered essential during the coronavirus pandemic has ruled CBD retailers as non-essential. This agency, known as the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution, is a branch of the state Supreme Court and decided that even though medical marijuana dispensaries are considered essential, their relatives in the CBD business are not.

Medical marijuana dispensaries were deemed as essential back when Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued a stay-home order on March 22nd.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the members of the commission will meet periodically to discuss any disputes, but their decision to deem CBD businesses as non-essential will take effect in 48 hours.

Other States Weigh In

A week ago, chapters of the Hemp Industries Association in both Texas and Florida requested that mayors and county judges rule CBD retailers as essential businesses alongside medical marijuana dispensaries and grocery stores.

One specific CBD retailer in Texas, named Fatty’s Smoke Shop in Beverly Hills, went against the city ruling and remained open. This eventually led to a temporary lift on the ruling and allowed those businesses to stay open for curbside services. As it currently stands, Texas officials are working on a statewide policy.


Although the decision will take effect in a couple of days, there is still a chance that major disputes will arise and force the commission to reconsider their actions. This may lead to the possibility that Ohio will enforce rules that reflect those of Texas and allow CBD businesses to still offer curbside services.

As for the consumer response, you can be certain that many people will not agree with the decision. With thousands of stores already shut down that sold CBD products, they will become harder to obtain. However, it is easy to understand why medical marijuana dispensaries would be considered essential over CBD retailers due to the growing number of people who are prescribed it.



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