New Lab Opened in Minnesota to Test THC Levels in CBD Products

Scientific Testing
  • A new testing lab in Minnesota will allow authorities to determine the THC content within CBD products being sold.
  • Previous tests were conducted at this lab but lacked the ability to determine exact figures.
  • There was no mention on how the products would be chosen for testing.

Authorities in Minnesota have opened a public testing lab that will allow the evaluation of THC content in CBD products.

This new lab, named the Midwest Regional Forensic Laboratory, is located in Andover, Minnesota and receives public funding for its operations. In this lab, CBD products that are intended for conventional retailers will undergo a series of tests that will determine the exact level of THC in the product.

In order to be sold legally, CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC. However, some THC must be present in order for the CBD to be properly made.

Amanda Vukich, a forensic scientist, told Star Tribune that the lab was previously used to test whether or not there was any THC in a CBD product, but lacked the technology to determine the exact level. This resulted in complications within the legal system because it made it impossible to determine whether a product was within regulation or was over the set maximum and thus making it an illegal marijuana product.

“It’s up to the state to prove that (a defendant) had a controlled substance and not make them prove it was just hemp, it wasn’t marijuana,” Vukich stated.

It was not clarified if the hemp that would be tested would exclusively be grown commercially in Minnesota.


This new testing lab will make it much easier for hemp producers to legally produce CBD products that are within the legal limits of THC content. If the public funding can keep up with the testing demand as the hemp growing season grows closer, you can expect other states to begin establishing these labs as well.



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