CBD and Hemp Companies are Donating Supplies to Help Fight Against the Coronavirus

  • CBD and hemp companies are donating medical supplies to help hospitals during the pandemic.
  • Many companies have begun making their own hand sanitizer to increase its production within the U.S.
  • Advocates hope these efforts will help make hemp a major framework for the U.S. once the coronavirus pandemic has concluded.

Across the United States, many public and private companies have been donating money and supplies in order to pitch in and help fight against the coronavirus pandemic. And now, CBD and hemp companies can be added to this list.

Due to the shortage of medical supplies that is beginning to his the U.S., the CBD and hemp companies have started to:

  • Donate profits made from product sales to nonprofit organizations and food kitchens.
  • Donate gloves, masks, and other medical supplies.
  • Convert their own operations in order to produce hand sanitizer for medical workers and public safety officials.

Converting Operations

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated in March that they would not take disciplinary action against manufacturers who produce hand sanitizers, even if they are not already regulated by the agency.

As a result, several hemp companies have started producing ethanol-based hand sanitizer to help maintain employment during this economic crisis. Many of the hemp companies producing these hand sanitizers are donating them to medical professionals.

“We have a lot of companies that are very patriotic and want to do what they can to support the effort,” leader of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable Jonathan Miller stated.

“Their current infrastructure will allow them to transition into that kind of production, so they’ve been willing to shut down a line of their CBD products to help with this particular desperate need.”

In order for CBD and hemp companies to produce hand sanitizers, they must follow specific protocols set in place by the FDA.

Gloves, Masks, and Other Medical Supplies

Hospitals in the U.S. are beginning to face a severe shortage of basic medical supplies such as masks and gloves. In response to this, many CBD and hemp companies are using their connections to help find a solution.

For example, a packaging company that makes both marijuana and hemp products, named KushCo Holdings, is donating their full inventory of pharmaceutical-grade black powderless gloves to four different hospitals. In total, they are donating 100,000 gloves, with the first 25,000 going to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange County, California.

Companies want to be as charitable as possible, but also still have to consider their own profitability. Many hemp companies, such as KushCo Holdings, had to lay off workers due to economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Marketing Opportunity

Although CBD and hemp companies are ultimately losing profits by donating medical supplies and focusing some of their production efforts on hand sanitizers, they have found a way to keep their products relevant.

In order to reach out to consumers who are considering using CBD for its therapeutic benefits, many CBD and hemp companies have been giving away free CBD samples to not only the public, but to frontline medical staff as well.

Privy Peach, a Denver-based CBD company, has donated $10,000 worth of CBD tinctures to medical staff interested in trying the supplement during these unprecedented times.

“Seeing the anguish and exhaustion of medical workers flooding the news daily, I wanted to help in the only way I could,” Privy Peach founder Kim Koehler stated.

Hydroshack Hydroponics and Oil Well CBD, both Houston-based CBD retailers, worked together to also distribute free samples of their CBD products, with roll-ons and tinctures being available for consumers in their area last week.


During times such as these, it is nice to see that even CBD and hemp companies are helping the cause by donating medical supplies and practicing acts of selflessness in order to put those in need at the top of the priority list. And once the pandemic has finally concluded, CBD products may rise in popularity even more.

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