CBDfx Adds Sezzle as Their Newest Payment Option

CBD Vial and Hemp Leaf
  • Allows four interest-free installments over six weeks
  • Sezzle does not require credit approval
  • Will not impact your credit score
  • There is 0% Interest!

CBDfx has just added another payment option to make things even easier for their customers. The payment platform is called Sezzle. In a nutshell, CBDfx is now allowing customers to purchase their quality CBD products on a buy now pay later basis.

Once a customer has signed up for Sezzle all they need to do is choose the pay with Sezzle option when they are ready to check out. The amount of your order will then be split up into four separate payments that are paid over a period of 6 weeks.

You will receive almost instantaneous approval from Sezzle and there is absolutely no impact to your credit by choosing this route. A 25% payment is generally required for the first payment. 

As far as receiving your CBD products from CBDfx goes, there is no impact. CBDfx will still ship your product out immediately even though you haven’t actually paid the entire amount just yet.

Oh, and there is 0% when you use the Sezzle payment option as long as you pay on time!

Why Is This Significant?

Being able to buy now and pay later is always appealing to people. One nice feature of Sezzle is that you make four smaller payments as opposed to one large payment like you would with a credit card.

Making four smaller payments could help you manage your budget more efficiently. Sezzle sends you reminders about your upcoming payments so you don’t forget. This helps to mitigate the sticker shock you might get at the end of the month when looking at your credit card or bank statement.

The 0% interest is a great added benefit. As long as you are making payments on time you won’t pay any interest fees.


Our world is changing more rapidly now than we could ever have imagined. Companies are continually coming up with new ideas and proposals to make things easier for customers in an effort to gain or hold onto their business.

Payment options like Sezzle are likely to continue growing in the coming years and I believe you will see them slowly erode away at the traditionally major players in the credit card industry. The buy now pay later landscape is changing in front of our eyes and Sezzle is poised to be a leader in that category.

CBDfx is also a major player in the CBD industry so it’s no surprise to see them make this move to help benefit their customers and expand their business at the same time.

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