Former NFL Player Receives Warning from FDA About Claims Regarding CBD and Coronavirus

  • A former NFL player has received a warning letter from the FDA.
  • The letter highlights misleading claims that his company has made regarding its products and the coronavirus.
  • The company has 48 hours to show proof of compliance. 

Kyle Turley, a former NFL offensive tackle, is receiving a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding his claim that CBD is an effective treatment for coronavirus. 

The FDA sent out a letter on Tuesday to Turley’s Las Vegas-based company, NeuroXPF, to immediately stop “misleadingly representing your products as safe and effective for a COVID-19-related use.”

The letter also states that Turley and his company have 48 hours to prove to the FDA that they have complied. Otherwise, the FDA will legally be allowed to seize his products and force his company to halt production. The letter has informed Turley that his claims are illegal and that the FDA “is taking urgent measures to protect consumers from certain products that, without approval or authorization by the FDA, claim to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure COVID-19 in people.”

Turley’s products were advertised on social media with the catchphrase: “Crush Corona,” while encouraging viewers and buyers to “boost” their immune system by using their CBD softgel caps.

Turley played eight seasons in the NFL, playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints before retiring in December of 2007. He is one of several former NFL athletes who advocate for CBD’s uses.


During unprecedented times such as these, the FDA plays a vital role in helping to keep the general public safe and healthy. It is not uncommon for predatory companies to try and take advantage of consumers who do not have enough information to identify false claims. It is important to understand: there is no evidence that would suggest CBD to be an effective method for preventing or treating the coronavirus.

The warning letter that Turley’s company received is just one of the many that have been sent out since the declaration of a pandemic. Remember to always do your research before purchasing a product that may or may not make such claims.

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