Texas Accepting Applications for 2020 Hemp Production

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  • Texas began accepting applications for hemp production on Monday.
  • The applications also include fees to cover everything needed to align with the state’s regulations.
  • Earlier this month, Ohio also began accepting applications for hemp growth.

The state of Texas has opened their application process and is now accepting applications for the growth and processing of hemp in 2020.

Texas is the second-biggest state in the U.S. in terms of square mileage with a total land area of 261,914 (Alaska is first with 570,641 square miles).

Despite this, Texas state agriculture agronomists are cautioning Texas farmers from making their growth predictions based off of other states, such as Kentucky or Oregon.

Texas A&M has also cautioned those who are interested in producing hemp to carefully consider the plant’s water needs before attempting to grow them. Because the state of Texas has hot and humid summers that are mostly dry, their hemp industry will have a higher demand for reliable water sources.

“It remains to be seen if hemp will be a viable dryland crop without irrigation in drier regions of Texas,” the university stated in its report.

Texas A&M released a report that also provides many answers for commonly-asked questions.

The applications opened on Monday and align with the state’s hemp laws and regulations. Applications also come with the following fees:

  • Application fee – $100
  • Licensing fee – $100
  • Sample and testing fee – $300

Other States Preparing for Hemp 2020

Earlier this month, the state of Ohio also began accepting applications from farmers and processors to begin hemp production. They were also one of the first three states in the U.S. to receive approval for their hemp plan from the Department of Agriculture.

Under federal law, states, territories, and tribes are allowed to create their own regulations on hemp production, but it must first receive U.S. approval before being implemented.

Montana also received positive news this month as their hemp production plan was also approved. They plan on implementing their new rules after the 2020 growing season is concluded.

Wrapping Up

2020 is off to a good start for the hemp industry and many states have been showing their efforts to prepare for a successful growing season. And even though the continuous spreading of the coronavirus has closed many stores across the country, (resulting in stalled sales of many CBD products) the upcoming growth year will at least allow states to test their newly approved laws and regulations.



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