The State of Ohio Begins to Collect Applications to Grow Hemp

Hemp Plant
  • Farmers in Ohio can now submit applications to produce and cultivate hemp.
  • If approved, farmer’s permits will be active for three years.
  • Ohio’s application deadline is set for May 1st

On Tuesday, farmers in Ohio began applying for permits to grow hemp within their states’ borders. If accepted, the permit is valid for three years from its issue date.

Ohio was one of the first three states in the U.S. to receive approval from the Department of Agriculture for its rules on growing and processing hemp. Behind corn and soybeans, the Ohio Farm Bureau predicts that hemp will become their third-largest crop market. 

Under federal law, states, territories, and tribes are allowed to create their own regulations on hemp production, but it must first receive U.S. approval before being implemented. 

The founder of the Ohio Hemp Farmers Cooperative, Julie Doran, spoke with the Dayton Daily News, stating:

“It’ll really help those farmers out in Ohio. Between trade wars and exporting of crops, us farmers have taken a big hit.”

The application deadline for Ohio farmers is May 1st, with separate applications and rules for cultivating and processing hemp plants.

Wrapping Up

News of Ohio’s beginning application process comes shortly after the state of Louisiana began to license farmers and CBD firms in an attempt to grow their own hemp industry. With 2020 just under a quarter of the way through, it can be expected there will still be numerous big advances for the cannabis industry in the U.S. this year. 

Let us know what you think about Ohio beginning their hemp application process in the comment section below. If you are looking for more information regarding CBD and other cannabis-related topics, be sure to check out our blog section.



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