Canada is Forming a Panel to Study the Potential Health Benefits of CBD

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  • A panel of experts is being formed in Canada to study the use of CBD.
  • Canadian citizens provided over 1,000 responses for health officials about cannabis-infused health products.
  • The group responsible for building the panel is Health Canada, a public health agency.

A public health agency in Canada is forming a committee of experts to investigate the potential health benefits of CBD and other cannabis products. The agency, Health Canada, is currently accepting nominations for panel committee members.

Health Canada described their ideal experts as people who “will provide independent scientific and clinical advice to support the Department’s consideration of appropriate safety, efficacy, and quality standards for health products containing cannabis …”

The Canadian public provided over 1,000 responses for health officials about the specific cannabis-infused health products that the panel should study.

Similar to the United States, Canada’s rules do not allow cannabis extracts, such as CBD, to be infused with natural health products and veterinary products. However, new laws proposed would allow for provinces and territories to oversee where cannabis health products can be marketed and sold, including vet offices and pharmacies. This would only increase the importance of the expert panel to help inform the public about its uses.

Growth in the Cannabis Industry

North America has experienced a recent growth in its cannabis industry with numerous research projects and legalization efforts taking place nearly every day. And with growing acceptance from the public of both Canada and the United States, the market for cannabis should only continue to grow larger.   

But more important than the general public’s opinion on the matter is the scientific facts surrounding the topic. That is why it is vital for committees, such as the one Health Canada is forming, to function and serve the public in a manner that allows for every question to be heard and answered.

This new panel will serve a similar role to the expert panel that Consumer Brands Association recently formed to help Americans understand the benefits of CBD. Consumer Brands’ panel consists of five people with credible backgrounds, including a former Oklahoma City mayor and former administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Wrap Up

The expert panel that Canada is building will benefit the public greatly and allow them to get their most important questions answered. It could also become a potential partnership opportunity for the United States and Canada to assist in research.



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