Colgate Entering the CBD Market by Acquiring Brand with CBD-Infused Oral Hygiene Products

  • Colgate has acquired Hello Products to begin their own CBD-infused oral hygiene production line.
  • Hello Products has inventory in more than 40,000 retail locations.
  • The CBD-infused products became available at select locations beginning February 1st.

Colgate Palmolive, a major oral hygiene company, is joining the CBD industry with a line of CBD-infused toothpastes, mouthwashes, and lip balms that are products of Hello Products.

Colgate has made an agreement with Hello Products, an oral care brand from New Jersey. Earlier this week, Hello Products released seven new products, consisting of three CBD-infused toothpastes, two mouthwashes, and two lip balms.

Craig Dubitsky founded Hello Products in 2012, and since then has managed to get their products into over 40,000 retail stores across the United States.

Colgate announced their agreement with Hello Products back in January, stating that their CBD-infused products have a “strong appeal among younger consumers and across broad segments.”

All of the products these two companies are releasing contain broad-spectrum hemp oil and extract that is grown within the United States. As of February 1st, their products are available at 1,190 Ulta Beauty stores.

Colgate’s acquisition of Hello Products was a stock-and-cash deal that had a deadline for this month.

As of now, no further details about the deal have been announced.

What Benefits Do These Products Provide for Consumers?

These CBD-infused oral hygiene products can provide the same benefits as any other CBD product on the market, but it does have its own unique advantage. When it comes to oral health, CBD’s anti-inflammatory quality will stand out as the most beneficial.

These oral hygiene products contain CBD in its purest form, and they are a good method of delivery because they provide a concentrated and direct topical application, which provides the most reliable results. This method will greatly increase its ability to reduce inflammation, which can be beneficial for several things, such as:

Gum Health

Inflamed gums are caused by harmful bacteria in the mouth. This can be caused by not brushing your teeth frequently enough, or even brushing too hard and causing your gums to bleed. CBD can be used to reduce that inflammation and kill any bacteria associated with it.


Sensitive teeth are typically a result of an inflamed nerve surrounding your gum tissue. If left untreated, it can become quite uncomfortable, especially when brushing your teeth. Both of Colgate’s CBD-infused toothpaste and mouthwash will help to solve this problem as they will help to reduce inflammation around a tooth’s nerve.


Although CBD itself will not remove stains from your teeth, it will help to kill any bacteria in your mouth that could cause bad breath, tooth decay, and inflamed gums.


A toothache can be one of the most nagging problems that lingers for a few days. Luckily, using CBD-infused toothpaste will not only help to treat toothaches, but it can help to prevent them as well. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, you will be reducing your chances of a toothache every time you brush your teeth.

Wrapping Up

Colgate is a massive company in the oral hygiene market and generates enough revenue to be listed on the Nasdaq (CL). With their acquisition of Hello Products, you can be certain that their product line of CBD-infused oral hygiene products will do well in today’s market.

Not only will this move benefit both Colgate and the CBD industry, but it will help consumers as well. It gives them one more method to choose from when deciding how to take their CBD, and it allows them to focus on a particular part of their body.



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