Forum Held in Sag Harbor Closer Examines the Rules and Legalization of CBD and Hemp in New York

Speaking to a Crowd
  • A forum was held in Sag Harbor to help educate people on CBD and hemp regulations
  • The forum held a Q&A for those with confusion on the laws
  • The organizer of the forum plans to hold several others to reach a wider audience

On Saturday, a forum was held in Sag Harbor, a village in Long Island, New York, that helped to educate the general public on the rules and regulations for CBD use and production.

The forum was led by David Falkowski, a farmer from Bridgehampton who owns his own CBD business called Open Minded Organics.

Falkowski put the event together in an attempt to address the widespread misinformation regarding CBD and hemp regulation in the state of New York.

As you may know, CBD is a cannabis extract that is not psychoactive, meaning it will not get you high. It was federally legalized when the 2018 Farm Bill was approved, but there is strict regulations on the hemp growth that is used to make CBD.

In order to be legal in New York, the CBD must originate from hemp that has a THC level of .3 percent or lower.

CBD can also be produced from a marijuana plant, but its uses are strictly medical.

Looking for Answers

“To this day, from what I hear from public officials, regulators, law enforcement, and even people entering the industry, they don’t know where to go for answers to start figuring this out,” Falkowski stated in regard to the laws and regulations for hemp production.

Falkowski invited several reputable groups to the forum, including trade group representatives, CBD business owners, medical marijuana practitioners, and even a Stony Brook University professor.

During the forum, the group of experts answered around 50 questions pertaining to the hemp extract bill and several cannabis programs that are established in New York state.

Although the experts did not have a precise answer for every question, many topics were discussed that helped people to better understand the industry and its guidelines along with the misconceptions on CBD and its uses.  

This forum is a good sign for the CBD industry, particularly for businesses in New York. The clarity behind the subject helps production companies and business owners to stay within the confines of the law and provided an opportunity to have some of their questions answered.

“This event is just one of many to come,” Falkowski said.



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