Researchers Discover Chemical Compound in Cannabis That Is Potentially 30 Times More Potent Than THC

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  • An Italian lab discovered a new chemical compound in cannabis that could be much stronger than THC
  • It could possibly have similar medical benefits to CBD
  • It is not known whether this new compound will give the user a “high” similar to THC

Researchers in Italy recently discovered a chemical compound in cannabis, named THCP, that is possibly up to 30 times as potent as THC.

Little is known so far about THCP, but it is reported that it attaches to your cannabinoid receptors in your body 33 times stronger than THC.

It is still unclear, however, whether THCP behaves more like THC, where the user gets a high from using it, or if it responds similarly to CBD, which is known to have positive medical benefits.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Cinzia Citti, believes that THCP can help explain why different marijuana strains react so differently with the body.

“In cannabis varieties where THC is present in very low concentrations, then we can think that the presence of another, more active cannabinoid can explain those effects,” Citti explained.

The research that has been done so far has consisted of lab testing, including giving a small dose of THCP to mice to study the effects. They recorded that the mice showed less of a reaction to painful stimuli and moved around slower while exhibiting a lower body temperature.

This Is Not the First Time They Have Discovered a New Compound

Discovering THCP is not the first major breakthrough this Italian research team has had. Last year, they released their findings on two other compounds they discovered: CBDB and THCB.

As of now, there is two roads that THCP research could potentially go down. It could possibly be a compound that will give users a more intense high than what THC provides, or its affects could be found to be more subtle, like CBD, and provide better relief for medical conditions and inflammation.

With research on marijuana’s chemical compounds being so young, there is no telling the possible benefits that THCP could provide, possibly even resulting in a balanced reaction that could have the benefits of both THC and CBD.



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