A Former Steak and Lobster Restaurant in Maine Is Set to Become a CBD Café

CBD Restuarant Salad|
  • A restaurant in Maine is re-opening as a CBD café
  • The restaurant will be specializing in CBD-infused foods
  • The owner is also opening a boutique that sells CBD products and medical marijuana

In Winslow, Maine, customers used to enjoy dining at a restaurant called Lobster Trap and Steakhouse Restaurant. Soon, those same community members will be getting a new experience in this building as it is currently undergoing renovations to become a CBD café that will specialize in CBD-infused foods. 

This new CBD café will be called Duffy’s Café, named after the owner, Chris Duffy. He hopes that this café will help to reduce the stigma around CBD and THC products, stating that it is “a helpful thing.”

Duffy plans to introduce his CBD-infused food slowly so that he can ensure the quality of it for his customers.

“We’re going to offer artisan sandwiches, salads, a limited menu, so we can really nail down the fresh infused food, which nobody is doing that right now.”

Before this café officially launches, Duffy plans on opening a boutique that sells medical marijuana and CBD products that are made at Shamrock Farms in Westbrook, Maine.

Duffy’s passion for this industry comes from the relief he experiences when using the products. He reported that he played sports in his past and also spent some time in the Marines, so it is probably safe to say that he has endured injuries prior to settling down and opening a restaurant.

“This is just something that allows me to get moving and feel, kind of juice my joints a little bit and get rolling and not have everyday nagging pains,” Duffy stated about cannabis.

What Does the Food and Drug Administration Say About Adding CBD to Food?

Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved CBD as a drug rather than a supplement, it is technically illegal to sell CBD when it is infused with foods or drinks.

However, this often gets ignored as CBD is nowhere near the center of attention for the FDA. In fact, the biggest issue that arises from selling food infused with CBD has nothing to do with side effects, but how much companies can charge for it. Even though the price for CBD bulk can cost little to nothing, companies will often dramatically raise the price for CBD-infused products.

Pending the approval of a proposed bipartisan bill, this law could no longer be an issue as CBD may soon be defined as a food item rather than a drug, making it legal to add to food and drinks.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to admire the idea that Duffy has for his restaurant. With the support for marijuana legalization growing, and the federal legalization of CBD through the 2018 Farmer’s Bill, now is the best time to test out its market. If this growing trend continues at its same pace, and the bipartisan bill gets approved, you will soon be seeing many more CBD-based restaurants across the United States.



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