Wellcana Group Plans to Launch Its Own CBD Product Line

Wellcana Group, a company that produces medical marijuana in Louisiana, has plans for a major expansion as it will soon launch its own CBD product line.

Wellcana operates out of Baton Rouge and is only one of two approved companies in the state to produce medical marijuana. They currently have their eyes on a chunk of land between Baton Rouge and Lafayette that would allow them to significantly increase the amount of medical marijuana that they can grow.

Their plan is to build a 100,000 square foot greenhouse and storage facility that could potentially create up to 200 full-time and part-time jobs. They are courting farmers to grow hemp in order to support the company’s launch of CBD products, as well as expanding on their production of medical marijuana.

“We’re also going to put together an industrial hemp processing center there,” said John Davis, the Chief Executive Officer for Wellcana Group.

This hemp processing center will help Wellcana to produce CBD products. They plan on developing prototypes for salves, which are strips that dissolve on your tongue, metered inhalers, and chewable medicine for both their THC and CBD product line.

“We’ll roll out topicals first and then the strips, and then the edible chews. Then metered dose inhalers,” stated Davis.

The only exception for the CBD line is that it will not include the inhalers.

Other Plans for Expansion

Along with the new greenhouse and storage facility that will allow Wellcana to increase their hemp production, they plan on expanding their Baton Rouge facility to mainly clone marijuana plants and produce consistent medical marijuana products.

They serve nearly 5,000 patients through nine different state-approved pharmacies.

As of now, their Baton Rouge facility can only grow up to a certain number of marijuana plants and produces tinctures for patients with conditions that are outlined in Louisiana’s laws.

Wrap Up

Wellcana Group’s expansion plan holds a lot of potential for the future of their company. With an increase to their hemp production through the means of a processing center, they will be able to efficiently produce their own CBD products that will be available to everyone. Their plan will also increase the amount of medical marijuana they can produce, which will help them to provide more choices for the patients they serve.

As it stands now, Louisiana has yet to legalize recreational marijuana and only has two authorized cultivators for medical marijuana (Louisiana State University and Southern University). With Wellcana being licensed by Louisiana State University and having a small list of competition, their expansion is expected to be successful.



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