New Bill Could Allow Vets to Recommend CBD Products

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With the continuous growth in popularity of hemp-derived CBD products, you can find it being sold almost anywhere. From local smoke shops, gas stations, and even the internet, it is easier than ever before to find CBD. One other place that you may soon be able to buy CBD products is from your veterinarian’s office.

New proposed legislation was introduced to the House of Representatives earlier this month that would allow vets to recommend CBD products for your pet. As it stands now, any veterinarian that recommends CBD or THC products for someone’s pet runs the risk of losing their license.

Janet Tombre, owner of The Grassy Knoll in Grand Rapids, Michigan, spoke upon the subject:

“When the kid behind the gas station can talk more about your CBD and your pets than your vet can, there’s something wrong there.”

She isn’t wrong.

When Michigan officially allowed for the legal use of recreational marijuana in December of last year, their legislation left out any allowance for the use of these products on pets. While there are still hundreds of recommendations that vets can make for someone’s pet, they cannot recommend CBD products that are known to help treat specific ailments.

Allowing vets to recommend CBD products could help many people treat common symptoms with their pets such as anxiety, loss of appetite, and arthritis.

Former president of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Jeff Powers, also chimed in on the subject when he spoke before the agriculture committee:

“I’ve had a number of cases where clients have had remarkable results, as well as I have used it on my own pets.”

This proposed bill somewhat resembles the proposed bipartisan bill from a week ago that would allow for business to market their CBD products.Even though the bill has a long road ahead of it to become a new law, there has been no opposition to it so far. Be sure to check in here at The CBD Guru for updates and other news.



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