NFL Does Not Buy the CBD Hype: Needs Scientific Evidence

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The expert panel created by the NFL and its player union does not buy into the “hype” of CBD and believes that the effects of it are in need of more scientific research. While they stated that they do believe that cannabis compounds show potential for treating pain associated with injuries, they do not believe that the science is developed enough yet on how CBD can actually help with pain management.

After holding a forum for alternatives to opioid painkillers and having conversations with CBD manufacturers that specialize in sports medicine, the Pain Management Committee and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) showed their interest in cannabinoids. In a joint statement, the league and players union stated:

“In furtherance of its duties, the Committee has been asked to brief the parties on the current state of pain management and alternative therapies, including cannabis, cannabinoids, and CBD.”

Lack of Scientific Evidence

Although the NFL currently has a ban on these products, it is easy to see that the exploding use of CBD among athletes has grabbed their attention. However, the NFL insists that there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness that CBD has for treating acute and chronic pain.

The co-chairs of the committee recently sent two white papers to NFL teams that not only suggests alternatives to opioids but further explains the committee’s view on the research of CBD and marijuana use.

“CBD is a promising compound, but the extent of its use in the United States outpaces the level of evidence.”

As it stands, the NFL’s drug policy has a ban on all THC products along with several CBD products. The issue only continues to grow as more states begin to legalize recreational marijuana and the crisis of opioid addiction worsens. Just last year, Major League Baseball (MLB) approved all cannabis products on their drug policy, allowing their players to choose a safer alternative to help manage their pain.

On the Horizon

NFL players have been asking the NFL to allow marijuana use for quite some time. Many players have failed league drug tests in the past for using cannabis, resulting in some players to become more open on the subject. Percy Harvin, former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl champion with the Seattle Seahawks, stated that he would use marijuana before every NFL game to help fight his anxiety.

Shortly after that, Calvin Johnson, formerly known as “Megatron” in the NFL, revealed that he used marijuana after the majority of his games to help reduce the pain from playing that night. As more research is conducted, and more NFL stars openly accept marijuana, we can only hope that we will soon see the NFL change its drug policy to allow CBD and other cannabis products to be used by players for pain management. Until then, be sure to check in at The CBD Guru for any updates on this policy and many other laws and regulations.



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