EPA Approves 10 Pesticides for the Production of Hemp

Hemp Plants Being Grown|
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved 10 pesticide products to be used for the production of hemp.
  • Hemp farmers have access to new crop protection resources for 2020.
  • The approval marks an important milestone for the legalized crop.

Hemp farmers are surely celebrating the coming of a new year as it now grants them access to new tools that aid in the protection of their crop. With the recent approval from the EPA that allows 10 new pesticides to be utilized for hemp production, farmers can take extra precaution against pests in the first growing season of 2020.

What Are These Approved Pesticides?

Nine of the approved pesticides were biopesticides, which focus on pest management, along with one conventional pesticide that helps to regulate growth. There is also a chance for more applications to be filed that the EPA would consider for approval.

Why Is This Significant?

Hemp is typically known for attracting a lot of pests. One of the most commonly known is the Bertha Armyworm. What makes them unique is that they only cause crop damage during their larvae stage. While this might not seem like a big deal large groups of them can cause significant damage to the farmer’s crop yield, sometimes ranging up to 50%. Because of this, it’s obvious to see why the use of pesticides would benefit hemp farmers.

This was not only an important step for producing better quality hemp, but for the movement of making hemp a commodity as well. After all, this is the first time that the federal government has classified any chemical as safe enough for use on a cannabis plant, marking an important step in its evolution.

These new pesticides are not approved for use on marijuana however, as it remains illegal at a federal level.

What Is the Next Step?

It’s hard to say for certain what the next step is for the hemp industry. With continuing growth and support, 2020 has the potential to be a huge year. With New Jersey farmers recently gaining approval to grow hemp in 2020, and questions about whether or not Mississippi legislature will legalize the practice as well, it seems as if its popularity will continue to grow.

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