The story of how Pachamama CBD was created and how the idea transformed is definitely one worth learning about. In this Pachamama CBD review we want to take a look at the company but also look more closely at its process and, of course, CBD products.

The founders of Pachamama CBD are brothers Ryan and Brandon Stump. They go into a lot of detail about Pachamama CBD in this video and we would encourage you to watch it. 

Brandon Stump had struggled with drug addiction and was trying to get his life on the right track. A few of his friends in Ohio took notice of his change and ended up moving out to California to live with Brandon. It was through this experience that Brandon started to feel called to try to help other people change for the better.

To help make an even bigger impact he asked his brother, Ryan, to move to California to join the cause. Ryan agreed and their journey of helping others began. 

Brandon discovered CBD after an ankle injury. He was hesitant to even try it because of the stigma surrounding CBD but after researching it more decided to give it a try. It helped his recovery immensely and he knew CBD was a way that they could help even more people.

 After a lot of research they decided to start their own CBD company called Pachamama. Pachamama means ‘mother earth’ and the goal at Pachamama CBD is to provide the best CBD products from mother earth.

Quick Facts About Pachamama CBD

Company Headquarters – Denver, Colorado

Farming Methods – Single-origin, single-strain hemp

Origin of Hemp – Colorado

Extraction Method – Air extraction

Available CBD Products – They carry their CBD oil combined with a wide variety of superfoods. Here are some examples of the CBD products you will find:

  • CBD Oil – Natural, Kava Kava Valerian, Black Pepper Turmeric, Goji Cacao, Green Tea Echinacea, Ylang Ylang Holy Basil
  • Topicals – Athletic Rub, Pain Cream, icy Muscle Gel and Body Lotion
  • Vape Juice – Strawberry Watermelon, Minty Mango, Grape Berry
  • CBD Gel Caps

Expected Price Range – There is a gel cap trial pack that you can buy for as little as $3.99. CBD body lotion lists for $29.99 and athletic rub lists for $49.99. All of the CBD oils start with a list price of $74.99 for the 750mg CBD formula. Or for 1750mg of CBD it will cost you $139.99.

Payment Options – Most major credit cards

Email Contact – For customer support: [email protected]

For wholesale inquiries: [email protected]

Vendor or general inquiries: [email protected]

Other Ways to Contact Pachamama CBD – Pachamama does have an instant messenger available on their website

What Makes Pachamama CBD Stand Out?

The attention to detail from Pachamama CBD is immediately apparent. You can see it on their website and you can see it in the way they package their products.

They obviously take great pride in what they are doing and are striving to make the best CBD products they possibly can. Here are some of the categories where we feel that Pachamama CBD sets themselves apart.


When you start looking at the different CBD oil options from Pachamama you will quickly realize these aren’t just any run-of-the-mill CBD oils. These contain some exotic superfood ingredients that are specifically designed and formulated to meet certain needs.

Single Origin Hemp

Pachamama CBD utilizes a full spectrum hemp extract. This means it is rich with phytocannabinoids and terpenes, including trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). 

The unique part is that they use a single source of hemp for the CBD products. They have partnered with a farmer in Colorado so they have complete oversight of the hemp from seed to harvest. All of their full spectrum CBD products are made from single-origin, single-strain hemp grown in Colorado. This gives Pachamama CBD products the most consistent cannabinoid and terpene profiles available. It may not make a huge difference but it further goes to show the care they have taken in formulating this brand of CBD products.

Air Extraction Process

This is something that we do not often see in the CBD industry, at least not yet. Extracting CBD from hemp is often done with solvents or with CO2. Pachamama is using a patent-pending process known as air extraction.

This unique air extraction process is done in a USDA Certified Organic facility and allows no chance of chemical exposure to the hemp.

Traditional CBD extraction methods can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete. The air extraction method that Pachamama uses takes only about 2 seconds. This method basically eliminates the release of excess chlorophyll and greatly reduces the possibility of any damage occurring to other compounds.

All of this adds up to a cannabinoid and terpene profile that is very strong and offers a smooth and natural flavor for their full-spectrum products.

Purity Award Winner

Obtaining the Purity Award from the Clean Label Project was a major accomplishment for Pachamama and something they are rightfully proud of. 

The Clean Label Project is a nonprofit organization that is highly respected and dedicated to the testing of consumer brands. One of their main goals is to recognize top notch brands who display superior ethics in their products and processes.

For this particular research the Clean Label Project tested 242 popular CBD products. These were tested for things like arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, antibiotics, BPA/BPS, pesticides, and residual solvents. All things that you do not want in your CBD products.

Unfortunately, they found many CBD products did produce some questionable results. But Pachamama CBD was recognized as producing products that exceeded the standards for purity and quality and was recognized as one of the leaders in these categories.

Overview of Pachamama CBD Products

Pachamama CBD has some great CBD products to offer. We are going to take a closer look at the four main categories of CBD that they offer.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Pachamama CBD offers 6 different flavors of its CBD oil. Each of these is made with Certified Organic MCT oil as the carrier oil. All of these are full-spectrum CBD oils that contain less than 0.3%.

There is an all-natural option but the 5 other CBD oil options are specifically formulated to address certain needs.They mainly accomplish this by the addition of Certified Organic superfood ingredients. Here is a summary of all of the CBD oil options from Pachamama.

CBD OilIntended Use Time of DayMg of CBD
The NaturalOverall healthAnytime750 or 1750
Create – Ylang Ylang Holy BasilCreate and adaptAnytime750 or 1750
Detox – Black Pepper TurmericMental ease and vitalityAnytime750 or 1750
Focus – Goji CacaoMental clarityDaytime750 or 1750
Recover – Green Tea EchinaceaEnergy and immunityDaytime750 or 1750
Relax – Kava Kava ValerianCalm and restful sleepNighttime750 or 1750

As you can see they offer a lot of variety in their CBD oils. Not only do you get the choice of 6 different formulas but each of those are available with either 750mg or 1750mg of CBD.

Our favorite one so far has been Goji Cacao. This particular formula contains Goji powder extract to help bring mental clarity and an improved mood. This formula worked very well for us to take in the morning before getting to work. We honestly did find it helpful to give us an extra boost throughout the day. It was especially evident through the early afternoon but did not cause us to crash at all during the later afternoon or evening.

CBD Topicals

Pachamama offers a few different variations of CBD topical formulas. The Pain Cream, with 850mg of pure CBD, is our favorite CBD topical from Pachamama. It goes on incredibly smooth and gives a fantastic cooling and relaxing feeling.

There is also an Athletic Rub with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, Body Lotion with 300mg of THC-free CBD, and also an Icy Muscle Gel with 500mg of THC-free CBD.

Depending on the desired effect you are trying to achieve you are sure to find one of these CBD topicals useful and effective.

CBD Gel Caps

The CBD Gel caps from Pachamama were a great fit for us. They are conveniently packaged with each capsule containing 25mg of CBD. We prefer a dose of at least 50mg of CBD so it was very easy for us to take two of these Gel Capsules.

CBD gel capsules and CBD edibles have really grown on us in the past few years. Whenever possible we are still partial to CBD oil but CBD gel capsules are a great addition to our CBD diet. The capsules are so convenient to carry around and they are easy to take wherever you are. They are definitely more inconspicuous than pulling out the CBD oil, filling the dropper and dispensing it under your tongue.

CBD Vapors

If you are looking for CBD vape products then Pachamama CBD has a few options in that department as well. Each of them comes in strengths of either 250mg or 500mg of CBD.

The three available flavors that they carry are Grape Berry,  Minty Mango, and Strawberry Watermelon. 

All of the Pachamama CBD Vape is THC-free and is intended for you to use in your own refillable e-liquid vape device.

Pros and Cons – Pachamama CBD Reviews


  • Single origin hemp
  • Unique air extraction process
  • Purity award winner
  • 3rd party lab tested


  • Higher pricing than some other brands
  • Only free shipping if spend over $99

What Do Their Customers Say

If you search the internet you are going to find that customers have overwhelmingly positive things to say in their Pachamama CBD reviews. Many feel that their quality is unmatched and their results are speaking for themselves.

Many of the Pachamama CBD reviews also speak very highly of their customer service. This has a huge impact on the image of a CBD brand and is something that others should take note of. Customer service is critically important to the long term success of any CBD brand.

Final Thoughts From The CBD Guru – Pachamama CBD

In our experience with Pachamama CBD products we find ourselves agreeing with the many customer reviews that are found out there. The CBD Guru has also found Pachamama CBD products to be fantastic and so has their customer service.

Something else that caught our eye was their attention to detail in their packaging. This sounds simple and maybe not incredibly important but it does have an impact. When you receive products that are packaged very creatively and professionally it says something about that product. In our eyes it means that they take great pride in their product even down to how it is packaged and received by the customer.

Who Is Pachamama CBD For?

We have really appreciated the opportunity to review Pachamama CBD products. We have come away incredibly impressed with the overall quality and customer service provided by this CBD brand. All things considered we absolutely believe they rank up there with the best CBD brands in the industry.

Having said that, Pachamama CBD may not be a suitable choice for everyone. One of the biggest reasons for this is going to come down to price. 

While Pachamama CBD has proven it has some of the highest quality products available, they do come at a price. There are going to be many people who are simply unwilling to pay that much or they just cannot afford to pay that much.

We believe you get what you pay for in this case but some people can’t pay it. And we do believe there are other very good CBD products on the market as well that can be obtained for less money.

If you are looking for top of the line products that will also come with a premium then Pachamama CBD should definitely be on your list of CBD products and brands.

Overall Ratings for Pachamama CBD Review



When it comes to quality Pachamama CBD has to be towards the top of your list of CBD brands and products. From their products, to the packaging, and even on their website. They take great care and pride in this business and it is apparent in everything they are doing.



The affordability of their products is the only place we can’t give full marks to Pachamama. It’s not because we feel that their products are necessarily overpriced either. They are definitely more expensive when compared to a lot of other CBD brands but you get what you pay for. Being a winner of the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award goes to show that their CBD products are second to none in terms of quality. They are definitely going the extra mile.



Pachamama gets full marks from The CBD Guru when it comes to the safety of its products. The products are actually triple-tested by a third-party lab to make sure they are completely safe and up to their high standards.



All this-party lab testing results are done on a batch basis and all results are available right on their website. All you have to do is put in your batch number and it will take you directly to that page. Or you can browse all of their batch results. Pachamama is also very open about the process they use and they give a lot of information about their products and their company right on their website. They don’t come across as trying to hide any information from their customers.



We were really pleased to see a robust discount program for the men and women who are involved in healthcare or who are first responders. This group of people does so much to help our society and we appreciate the fact that Pachamama CBD is offering these people a 50% discount on all Pachamama CBD products.

FAQ – Pachamama CBD Review

  1. Does Pachamama conduct third party lab testing?

    Yes, and their products are triple tested for quality and safety.

  2. Does Pachamama offer free shipping?

    Yes, but only on orders over $99.

  3. Does Pachamama offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  4. Are Pachamama CBD products available at any brick and mortar locations?

    They can be purchased at their retail location in Denver, CO and they can also be found at various locations across the United States.

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Pachamama has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Pachamama products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.