Medterra was started by a group of people who believe in the health benefits of CBD and who feel that those benefits should be available to people at an affordable price. Out of that vision they have managed to grow one of the most recognizable CBD brands. In our Medterra review, we will dive deeper into what this brand is all about. 

Through their dedication and hard work, they are striving to build a recognizable name brand in the CBD industry. A brand that reflects its dedication, compassion towards others, and their innovation to be the best. And in the process, they want to create CBD products that are affordable for the people who need them most.

Being at the top of an industry while still keeping their products competitively priced is not an easy goal. All too often we see high-quality products become quite pricey. Sometimes they get so expensive that they can only be enjoyed by a select group. 

Can Medterra live up to its own standards of providing the best products at affordable prices? Continue reading our unbiased Medterra review for more information.

Quick Facts – Medterra CBD Review

Headquarters: Irvine, CA

Farming Methods: Medterra grows and cultivates its industrial hemp in Kentucky. 

Products Available: CBD oil, capsules, supplements, gummies, topicals and CBD for pets

Expected Price Range: This will obviously depend on the product and the strength you choose. You can find CBD roll on for joints and muscles for around $25. A 3,000mg strength of their CBD oil can run around $130. It is nice to have various product options because this also means you have a variety of price ranges to choose from.

What Makes Medterra Stand Out?

They Are a Major Player

Medterra is a major player in the CBD industry. They haven’t gotten to that type of status and success by providing mediocre products at mediocre prices. They have become a major player because they take pride in what they do. 

Medterra is in the top 5 largest CBD companies in the United States. They have seen a massive rise in popularity in the past few years. You can now find their products on retail shelves around the country.

Seed To Sale

Medterra takes pride in the seed to sale oversight of its products. This means that they are intricately involved with every single step of the process. This starts with the farms where the hemp is grown in Kentucky. It continues all the way down through the process of making the final product.

Third Party Lab Testing

Medterra utilizes 3rd party lab testing for all of its hemp. Nothing leaves the facility without first being tested by an outside party to make sure it meets the quality and consistency standards set forth by Medterra. It is for reasons such as this that Medterra has become known as a company with great quality CBD products. To keep that reputation they take quality very seriously.

Medterra Cares

Medterra actually cares about their customers. They believe in the incredible benefits of CBD and their mission is to spread the word. They want to provide others with the opportunity to improve their quality of life through CBD. They believe that CBD is special and they want to share that with others, all at an affordable price.

Our Product Experience for Medterra CBD Review

Medterra CBD Oil

We could go on and on about Medterra products but we want to specifically address our favorite one. In our experience, we have found Medterra CBD oil to be as good as any of the best CBD oils we have tried. And that’s saying a lot considering there are other options out there that cost twice as much for what you get. 

If you are an experienced CBD user you will probably want to go with the 3,000mg CBD oil formula. Each bottle contains 1 ounce or 30ml of CBD oil. The dropper that is included clearly marks out 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and 1ml for easy and convenient measuring. 

Research for our Medterra review revealed that Medterra’s 3,000mg CBD oil formula contains an impressive 100mg of CBD per 1ml drop. That is an amount that will be more than enough for most users. The nice thing about 1 drop containing 100mg is that it’s easy to divide up into smaller doses.

For instance, if you are someone who is more comfortable with 50mg of CBD per serving all you have to do is take 0.5ml of the 3,000mg formula. This allows you to purchase a higher concentration formula and make it last longer because you don’t have to use as much each time. It will definitely save you money. We prefer approximately 100 mg of CBD per day. We find it easiest and most cost-effective to buy Medterra 3,000mg formula and take 0.5ml in the morning and another 0.5 ml in the evening. This comes out to 50mg in each serving for a total of 100.

One thing that you will notice is that Medterra does not offer different flavors of their CBD oil. They only have a natural flavor. This can be a turnoff for some people and others don’t seem to mind at all. We can tell you that there is very little taste to Medterra CBD oil. Unless you are very sensitive to a natural hemp flavor we don’t think it will be an issue for you.

The carrier oil in Medterra CBD oil is an organic MCT oil. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride and is a type of saturated fatty acid derived from coconut. It is organic, all-natural, completely safe, and allows the CBD to work to its full potential. We have found it to be very effective for us.

CBD Gel Capsules

We have really started to find ourselves preferring CBD capsules more and more. While CBD oil does act more quickly than gel capsules we really like the convenience of the capsules. The CBD gel capsules are more discreet so you can quickly take a pill or two without having to pull out the dropper, do the measuring, stick the dropper in your mouth, and then hold the CBD oil under your tongue. Not a big deal if you are home but it becomes annoying if you are not.

As part of our Medterra review, we wanted to try their CBD capsules. Medterra CBD gel capsules contain the same high-quality CBD oil, just in capsule form. They are available in 25 and 50mg strength. We found them to be effective, yet not quite as effective as taking 50 mg of their CBD oil. This is to be expected because your body is not taking the CBD oil into the bloodstream as quickly.

On the other hand the CBD capsules are quite cost effective. If you buy the 50mg capsules the bottle contains a total of 1500mg of CBD. The cost of this is right around $67 for a bottle. In comparison, a 1000mg bottle of their CBD oil tincture is right around $55. This means the 50mg capsules cost around 4.4 cents per mg of CBD and the 1000mg bottle of CBD oil is around 5.5 cents per mg of CBD.

If you opt for the 3000mg bottle of CBD oil you save more money and it equals out to the CBD capsules. All in all there is not much of a price difference between the capsules and the oils. However, the CBD oil is going to be more potent and effective. On the flip side the capsules are definitely more convenient. In the end you will need to decide which is the right one for you. Many people find that a combination is a great way to go so that may be something for you to consider as well.

Pros and Cons of Medterra CBD


  • 3rd party lab testing
  • Highly respected brand name
  • Medterra ships internationally
  • Website available in four different languages


  • Free shipping only on orders $99 or more
  • No flavors of CBD oil are available

Returns, Refunds, and Shipping

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the product that you receive you can request a full refund from Medterra. This must be done within 30 days of when you actually receive the product. It is also important to note that the customer is still responsible to pay for the return shipping of the product. This is fair in our opinion. 

If you receive a product that has been damaged in some way you need to contact Medterra within 72 hours. You will be asked to provide detailed information such as pictures of the damage so please be prepared to do that. 

Our research for our Medterra review showed that they offer a wide range of shipping options depending on how quickly you want to receive your product. They suggest placing an order when you are down to half of your current product just to avoid any possible delays.  Most products are shipped the same day the order is placed. Here are some general guidelines on their shipping estimates.

USPS First Class Mail: Domestic packages usually arrive within the end of 3-5 business days according to their website.

USPS Priority Mail: Domestic packages usually arrive within the end of 1-3 business days according to their website.

FedEx Ground: Domestic packages usually arrive within the end of 2-7 business days according to their website.

FedEx Express Saver: Domestic packages usually arrive within the end of 3 business days according to their website.

FedEx 2 day: Domestic packages usually arrive within the end of 2 business days according to their website.

FedEx Standard Overnight: FedEx is committed to delivering the next day before the end of the business day, according to their website.

Concluding Thoughts on Medterra

We believe the Medterra model is one that more CBD companies should be following. They believe in their products, they care about their customers, and they provide safe, effective, and innovative products at an affordable price. There really isn’t much not to like about what Medterra is doing right now.

Whether you are a new CBD user or are experienced with CBD they have something for you. And when purchasing from Medterra you can be sure that the safety and quality are second to none.

Medterra has quickly grown into a major CBD company that has influenced the market. They have a simple strategy that works well and that customers are buying into. We highly recommend products from Medterra CBD. 

Overall Rating – Medterra CBD Review



Medterra is a well-established player in the CBD industry and is well renowned for the quality of its CBD products. They utilize third-party lab testing and make all batch results available online for anyone to view.



Affordability of CBD for people who need it is something Medterra claims is important to them. If we look at another major player in the CBD industry you can see that their pricing backs up their claims. Here is a real-life example.

Medterra – 3000mg CBD Oil – 30ml size – $132.99 (4.4 cents per mg of CBD)

Brand X – 1500mg CBD Oil – 30ml size – $119.99 (7.99 cents per mg of CBD)

As you can see there is a considerable price difference between these two brands. Both are well-known brands for their quality and are two of the largest CBD companies in the US.



Again, Medterra is top of the line when it comes to the safety of their products. Medterra complies with the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification program. This provides a higher level of safety standards and self-regulation.

Medterra hemp comes from the state of Kentucky. They grow their hemp by following guidelines laid out by the Department of Agriculture as well as the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program. This further ensures the integrity of their hemp and the end CBD product.

On top of that, all of their extracts go through a 3rd party lab testing process. This provides further validations that their products are completely safe and the quality is up to their high standards. All lab results are also available right on their website for you to view.



Medterra has taken the right steps in providing transparency to their process and the quality and safety of their products. It’s part of the reason they have become so successful as a company. They have also laid out who their medical advisors are, along with a picture and short bio.

The only other thing we didn’t see is a list of the people running Medterra. Some companies put some names and positions with faces and a short biography. We like that because it makes it feel a little bit more personal.



Medterra has implemented a program called Medterra Assists. Through this program, Medterra offers a discount on orders up to $250 to U.S. military veterans and active-duty members. They also offer a discount to individuals who are long-term medically disabled. You will need to show documented proof for these and the discounts are only available on full retail price orders.

FAQ’s About Medterra CBD

  1. Where does Medterra source its hemp from?

    Medterra grows its hemp in the state of Kentucky and is compliant with the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

  2. Do Medterra CBD products contain THC?

    No. All CBD products from Medterra are free of any THC.

  3. Are Medterra CBD products lab tested by a 3rd party?

    Yes. All Medterra products are tested in a third-party lab to ensure the highest standards in safety and quality.

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Medterra CBD has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Medterra CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.